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Get Set StartUP!
by Rajiv Kumar
A start up story before you start up!

This book is good read before you plan to jump in and become a part of the bubble formed because of the start up culture brewing in India.

When you decide to start something of your own, there are few important things that you need – passion, enthusiasm, money, luck and of course, some practical stories. The last part is taken care by this book to some extent.

This book should not be mistaken as a guide for starting up a venture. This book talks about a systematic approach of doing it right. The prerequisites are covered in this book and the author fills in with a lot of practical experience of his.

From the very first chapter, the book is to the point. Starting from inception of the idea to the founding team to the investments to the growth to exit, the author let’s you know how every small thing is important for the birth and growth of an idea, which will materialize in your dream!

My favourite part of the book is when the author talks about the exit plan. It is important to understand that the exit is not something rare to happen when you plan to venture into something new. Also, the following chapter talks about the general mistake that people might commit – which are common and not rare.

In short, this book is a good and very fast read. Good because you get an insight of the world you might soon want to discover. Fast because the book is easy to comprehend and one can actually relate to it.

Publisher :  Kindle Edition
Price:  INR 49
My Ratings : 3.5/5
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