Month: May 2017

The Mini Instagram Post 6. Smile.

This one is to the brightly lit up days of life! All he asked her was  to smile. To Smile every time she  thinks of him. For her smile is like the…

My Li’l Travel Book | Hyderabad

For a north Indian, south India is very less fascinating than the rest of the country. Very few will admit it but it’s true. The regionalism is always there. And yes, it…

Being the “Non Bengali Bengali”.

First and foremost, I support the idea of “Being Indian”. The regionalism is not that deep-rooted in me, unless and until for some particular region. Secondly, “I am Bengoli, born and brought…

Book Review | Get Set StartUP

Get Set StartUP!by Rajiv Kumar A start up story before you start up! This book is good read before you plan to jump in and become a part of the bubble formed…

Loss of Faith in Humanity.

The gang rape case that stirred the nation four years ago finally saw the verdict we all were waiting for. Image Source It’s elating to see the parents of the unfortunate girl…

My Luxury Escapada | Caravela Beach Resort

My visit to Goa has always been like a chilling stay in a luxurious resort before I venture out to explore the beaches. That is my whole idea to visit Goa –…

The Mini Instagram Post 5.Once Upon A Time.

Every fairy tale starts with a “once upon a time” and ends with a “happily ever after“.  Once upon a time love was fiction. Once upon a time love was clouded by…

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