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Quarter life is full of questions. And for many of us, many major pending life decisions are made during this deadly phase of life. At some point or the other, we are desperately looking for signs to know if at all we have found “the one”.

I have no clue what those signs are or how you identify those signs but I definitely know that what has been missing in my life in my past and probably I had never experienced before this lover boy came into my life (happy birthday pretty boy!).

As social animals, we have a tendency to look around more and pine for things we don’t have, overlooking the things we have. Well yes, I am no different. But yes, I do appreciate the things that I have while I pine for the things I don’t.

This post is about the few things, which if you get in someone you consider as your prospective partner, you know he/she is a keeper for life! And these are the things which go beyond having a perfect shopping and clubbing partner.

You guys are a good team 
You don’t have to put in any efforts to make things work out in or out of your relationship. Things work as smoothly as they can. And everything you do – right from preparing the breakfast to planning trips to taking monetary decisions – is a group project with the same contribution of both the members!

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Your go-to person
He/she is the first person you want to go to share your big or small, bad or good news. He/she is your problem solver and have got your back, always.

Honesty and trust come naturally
Honesty and trust take a good amount of time to build. You don’t have to force yourself to trust someone. And when that happens, you know you are with the right person.

Distances don’t matter
Even when you are away from each other for a long time, you don’t make it a reason to fight. Living away makes you sad but you surely know a way to work around that. And the distance doesn’t deter your trust or makes you insecure.

Listens to you
You know someone is listening to everything you say. It is such a delightful feeling that someone remembers the smallest of the details you mentioned sometimes, just like that!

The future has more of  “Us” than “me”
And this does is not forceful again. It just comes naturally. Yes, when you are in love, the awe of love makes you see the future together. But when you practically start building the future, it is for both of you. And you know that you two share the same feeling!

Doesn’t put you down – or lets you down for that matter
You know whom to run to when you want motivation in your life. When you are at the lowest and feeling demotivated, this [erson has got your back and boosts your confidence.

“I miss you” is just not a phrase
You are sure when you miss someone, you miss them and it is not just a phrase to please someone. And you know this feeling is mutual!

You don’t have to make time to miss someone – you just miss them!

Sex is a responsible thing
Yes, sex is fun but as long as it is safe. And he/she knows the importance of it for both of you.

There is no excuse when it comes to parents
He/she would happily agree to meet your parents when you are ready. No excuse whatsoever.

Jelling with buddies is no obligation
Your partner does it without emphasizing. The key is not to be liked by your buddies but meeting them and letting them know the true self.

That time of the month –or year or week or day
He/she know how to deal with the sudden hormonal mood swings or because of the temporary phases in your life. And you can not thank your start enough to have someone by your side who understands that!

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Knows your coffee just right!
He/she knows your choices inside out and makes sure that things are just right for you – exactly the way you want it.

You will never have nightmares about him/her
Nightmares are a sign of insecurity. And when they don’t come to your nightmare, you know you are past all the insecurities.

Here you go – you know that you found a keeper for yourself when there is a smile with a nod on every point.

Author’s Note

This is my way of thanking the universe for not presently depriving me a great moral support and love in my life. 🙂

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