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I know, the first few cocktails have become very brand specific but then few drinks taste the best with the specific liquors only.

Today, I am going to talk about the classic mojito with a twisted of spice in it. This one goes best with luncheons. I am pretty fond of Captain Morgan and this cocktail is surely not a miss!
Captain Morgan Mojito.
I have shared links to all the posts of this year’s A to Z Challenge here.

  1. @Roshan
    Awwww! That is why I am telling you to come to Delhi!
    Or may be wait for few days, I will be posting some good beer and wine cocktails which you might want to try at home 😛

  2. Sounds like something I'd like to try. Kya yaar! You do know how tough we have it… not a single pub or even bar exists anyway but whatever small shops exist serve only wine and beer in my hometown. Tragic. For a good mojito, I literally have to travel across 2-3 cities and probably across the state itself

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