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The next cocktail which I am going to talk about is the simplest yet a hard hitting cocktail of all time. I am a fan of this particular one because I am in love with a rum lover.

Over the years, I have graduated to being a white rum drinker because yes, my body can no longer digest dark rum. This is my drink for almost every outing now.

Bacardi and Diet Coke.

I have shared links to all the posts of this year’s A to Z Challenge here.

  1. @Roshan
    The classic Bacardi and coke is always served with a lime. However, the diet coke and no lime is the new twist!

    I am trying to cover the conventional cocktails with some twists to have an interesting series!

  2. Before I clicked the link, I was gonna bet that I'd be seeing Bloody Mary here 🙂 good thing I didn't make it. But this is fun. Also, for those who find the Rum too strong, do consider a squeeze of lime to cut the bitterness.

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