Month: April 2017

Keeper, Keeper!

Quarter life is full of questions. And for many of us, many major pending life decisions are made during this deadly phase of life. At some point or the other, we are…

#AtoZChallenge | Z

And I can not believe that I pulled this challenge so well this time!  Before I end it with the last cocktail of the month, I want to thank two people who…

#AtoZChallenge | Y

Who says Ivy League is just about the colleges? Presenting to you, one of the ivy league cocktail! I kind of like the blue curacao and this one here is again a…

#AtoZChallenge | X

X might seem like a difficult alphabet to deal with, but it is not!  I was on a non-alcoholic drinking spree for sometime. I encountered a wonderful mocktail called the “Cherry Cola”…

#AtoZChallenge | W

This one is for the rum lovers! The name of this cocktail is a challenge in itself – only after you have a good portion of this amazing cocktail.  Mixing three varieties…

#AtoZChallenge | V

I can never get enough of whiskey, can I? Today’s cocktail is probably one of the smoothest cocktail of whiskey. Both Southern Comfort and Canadian whiskey result in a great combination! Velvet…

#AtoZChallenge | U

Today’s cocktail is an “ultimate” and timeless classic which I surely love! Just like I couldn’t have left behind a martini, similarly I couldn’t have finished this challenge without writing about a…

#AtoZChallenge | T

Welcome your experimental Monday! I am a huge fan of Jim Beam. And then I happened to try this mix of Jim Beam with beer. I won’t say I am a huge…

#AtoZChallenge | S

So yes, its a wine weekend!  I am talking about sangria today. A classic sangria consists of red wine, a li’l amount of some other liqueur, preferably brandy and chopped fruits with…

#AtoZChallenge | R

Cocktails for me means loads of alcohol and that is exactly what today’s cocktail is about!  This is a vodka based drink and loads of other liqueur.  Red Death Cocktail. I have…

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