The Quarter Life Crisis!

I posted the following tweet when I was nowhere near 25, which is, by the way, the pinned tweet of my  page,

But somehow, we all realize, as we enter the dreaded “quarter-life”, that life is tough and beautiful at the same time. Crossing 25 years of existence is a depression of a different order altogether.

Mid-life crisis is more about stagnancy in life but the quarter life crisis is about not being able to figure out what is to be done with life. It sucks. Big time. But yes, it is completely okay to feel that way. It is completely okay to feel lost. It is fine if you feel you have underachieved because hey, you are just a quarter into your life and there is so much to do with so much of time. That is how one should see it because everything happens when the time is right!

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Social media has certainly added to this crisis even more. Yes, you see almost everyone on your friend – list getting married or going abroad for some or the other reason. And that is no reason for you to take it as a challenge to do the same or get angry. I have seen people taking the social media updates of their friends as a personal attack. People are just letting others know, sharing their happiness and that is it. It is a personal choice to get married or not, no one is doing anything for others and that is what almost everyone going through a quarter life crisis needs to understand.

Anyhow, just when you are falling apart, trying to gather all your strength to understand why is your life not sorted when everyone else’s seems like that, you need to read something that should boost your morale a li’l bit. Here are a few things which you have achieved as an individual while reaching your quarter life successfully.

1. You are afraid of the future- failures but at the same time, you know that living in the present is important too.

2. Even if you are afraid of the failures, you have learned to believe in the power of possibilities and thus, are not any more afraid to take a risk.

3. You have realized that how worthless the societal pressure is. And also, the society is heading in a direction which just makes you sad and you can not help it. And it is okay.

4. You have learned the value of time. If you haven’t, you will and you must.

5. You are done with the blame game and you owe up to your past and present and every action that you take.

6. You have learned to let go off things, knowing the fact that things which are not in your control, will never be in your control.

7. You have started to appreciate the existence of a few constant people in your life.

8. You are in peace with the responsibilities which you have and are aware will have to handle in due course of time. You are no longer an escapist.

9. You no longer give any space to negative people/ energy /things in your life.

10. Most importantly, you love yourself more every day. And that is the best thing in the world.

If you sit to introspect over every point, you will realize that you have come a long way and probably – even if you are lost, you are lost in a way which is good. Quarter life crisis creeps in our lives but goes away too, making way for new crisis perhaps!

Author’s Note

This post is a work of years of thinking ( all right, that is a bit exaggeration). The major source of inspiration for this one is my friends who are completely lost, just like me and fighting this seem-to-be-never-ending crisis.  

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