Fragrances for the Soul.

One thing that I have learned, for good, in my life is that you should always have signature fragrance of yours. In my case it might have been my peculiar body scent in the earlier years – but after I grew up, I have definitely used (and abused too!) loads of perfumes and I have decided to keep on experimenting with them till I find my signature aroma.

Having said that, I don’t mean that bathe in perfume but a li’l bit is just what you can do someday – to work or to special occasions. Yes, excessive use of perfumes is bad for health.

So here are few tips :

1. Always test the perfume for allergies
2. Do check with the ingredients because some ingredients might be carcinogenic
3. Avoid using them when around babies and new moms

I decided to share some of my favourite fragrances – both for women and men. The women ones are for obvious reason and the men ones are the ones which are kind of irresistible!

Few fun facts before I describe my favourites for her.

1. For dates, prefer the vanilla fragrances with a dash of floral scents – they make you smell more attractive. 
2. For office and work meetings, use fresh citrus notes as they give a very dynamic and profession touch to it. 
3. For interviews, use high concentrations like the Eau de Toilette because they tend to linger on for a while. And yes, citrus is the choice for such occasions. 

Of course, there are some great brands and their products which are apt for certain occasions like Escada and Victoria’s Secret, but the above ones are my favourite.

Before describing the perfumes for him, I just want to emphasis on the fact that almost 80% of the men don’t wear any fragrance, which is okay. But the rest of the 20% are the ones with whom people can develop better emotional connect to (that is a psychological fact I read somewhere). Also, women of course find it attractive. 

I don’t know I just had to share this so I did.

Author’s Note

I am really amazed by people who are very much into fragrances and know the right ones for the right occasions. So, this particular post is dedicated to one such man who developed my interest in  understanding and experimenting with perfumes. 

PS: At any point in time, I did not intend to sound sexist. I am not one. Period. 
Giving preference to one’s grooming is no sexism. 

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  1. Fragrances are a must for me, I love to use them whether I am at home or out. I got this habit from my grandpa who used to love perfumes.

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