I have this habit of telling stories. When I was really small and couldn’t read, I remember I used look at the pictures of the beloved Chacha Chaudhary comics and build my own stories and narrating them to my family for hours.

That is the essence of visual aids. And I am so glad that Colgate is promoting this with their li’l gesture. So, these toothpaste tubes are now coming with cut-out characters and objects, so that the li’l ones can weave a story – let their imagination flow – creatively. 
I, sadly, don’t have a kid of that wonderful age at home. I have a toddler around me, that is, my nephew and it requires you to be creative of a different level to entertain a toddler. I tried to be creative with three of the pack cut outs. I can read my version of the stories but I am very sure that Azad (my nephew who is not even one) is going to be more fascinated with the colorful cut outs. 
So here I am, sharing my versions of the story! 
So here are the two li’l genius twins who are being called to NASA for one special expedition to Planet Wonderland. They are exceptionally witty and physically active and thus are perfect for this expedition. There expedition is divided into three parts, one where the space launch takes place, second is where they are taken for a space walk to explore a li’l part of the big universe and third where they go the planet for the unseen adventure. 

So our geniuses, Ria and Krish, are sent to space station ( yes, of course in the space) with the rocket. Ria and Krish laugh at each other after they see each other in the space-suits – 127kgs and layered way too much. But everything is worth the adventure. Also, they are going to be weightless Though the “flight” was a li’l jerky, but they landed safely at the space station, which the proud moment for everyone at NASA.

Ria and Krish had a training on the ground station to work in the space-like situations. They were also taught about the celestial bodies existing in the space – the sun, the planets, the comet – everything. The space walk became a cake walk for both of them!

Then comes the day when they are to go to Planet Wonderland. The main reason they are being send there is because the rover which NASA has sent there already had stopped functioning. NASA suspected that aliens, who were inhabitant of Planet Wonderland, have stopped the rover from functioning. But the rover has already sent the information that the aliens loved kids and thus Ria and Krish were selected for this project.

After Ria and Krish landed on the Planet, they spotted the rover and quickly fixed it. But suddenly an alien emerged out of nowhere, pointing a strange looking gun at them. But seeing that these were kids, the alien asked them why did they come to their planet. Ria narrated the story. And Krish told him that the people on Earth wanted to know better about this planet so that they can become friends. The alien seemed quiet friendly and agreed to what both of them said and let them go back to their space station.

Ria and Krish retured to their space station with loads of experiences and memories. And suddenly, they heard their mom calling from a distance – Get up you two and brush our teeth or else you will get late for school. 

Such a beautiful dream! 

Author’s Note

“I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.

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