Month: March 2017

Of Hashtags.

Instagram has certainly grabbed my attention off lately. Initially, I took it as visual version of Facebook. However, there is so much more to it. I always wondered that probably putting up…

#AtoZ Challenge | Theme Reveal and More.

Oh yes! I signed up for this challenge again. I have been doing since I don’t know when – I sign up every year, start with a zeal and then leave it…

Fragrances for the Soul.

One thing that I have learned, for good, in my life is that you should always have signature fragrance of yours. In my case it might have been my peculiar body scent…

The Mini Instagram Post 4.The New Horizon.

Because there is always a bright side of giving new things a chance in life. This is two the new bright horizon, which promises to bring peace, health and happiness to life!…

The Quarter Life Crisis!

I posted the following tweet when I was nowhere near 25, which is, by the way, the pinned tweet of my  page, Mid 20’s crisis! *sigh* — Sushmita Malakar (@sushmitamalakar) July 21,…


I have this habit of telling stories. When I was really small and couldn’t read, I remember I used look at the pictures of the beloved Chacha Chaudhary comics and build my…

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