Happy New Year | 2017

Yes, this is that clichéd new year post where I wish you all the happiness and success for the year that is going to follow.

I always believe that the first day of the year is that auspicious day which decides what am I going to do for the next 364 days. And finally, after 25 summers, I have realised that it’s just the usual breathing that you have to carry on doing for the rest of the days to be happy and to feel alive.

I wish everyone a very prosperous new year. I started my year with a great feeling of optimism and love. I hope the year goes by well. Be kind, 2017.

PS: I am starting the 100 happy days challenge again from today. The last time I did it was when the year was approaching its end and I really needed it. This time I am starting it from the first day of the year because I learned that there are many things that we take for granted and we shouldn’t.

So, I am not taking my happy days for granted and continuing to spread the good vibe 🙂

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