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A fan of fine wine – that is me!

Wine makes me want to write poetry.
Poetry makes me want to drink more.
Just because words assemble the best when,
the mind is in shambles, or in LOVE.
As you age, your taste for liquor also mature. The love for scotch is timeless for me. But I have developed a fascination for wine after this year’s trip to the vineyards. And my love for cocktails has all the more increased with the advent of wine in my life.
My experiments with scotch-based cocktails are still in progress. It’s just that I have added wine to that list now. Earlier, I just used to drink wine, that too, occasionally, without any adulteration. I don’t like white wine. Red wine is too fruity to be called an alcoholic beverage. And I am absolutely in love with Rose wine.
I was not a huge fan of sangria before. I was of the opinion that something as fruity as wine should not be mixed with more fruits. But as I said, your choices for your drinks mature with age! Eventually, I developed a taste for red wine (primarily because my gym trainer told me to have red wine if I really have to consume alcohol).
I am sharing with you certain recipes of some classic wine-based cocktails with some experimental twists. I hope you like them!
1. Classic Red Wine Sangria With spiced Twist
Okay, so the classic sangria has wine, fruits and brandy. I have just replaced the brandy with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum.  Trust me, it gives the perfect hit (and taste too, if you must).
You will need:
750 ml bottle of red wine, preferably Merlot 
90ml Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
250 ml of orange juice
4 freshly squeezed lemon
100-gram fine sugar
1 evenly chopped apple
1 circularly cut orange
Mix the lemon juice, sugar and orange juice in the fruit punch bowl. Add the wine and rum and mix well. Add the fruits and refrigerate for at least 3 hours before consuming.
2. Pinot Noir Sunrise
The name is inspired from the Tequila Sunrise classic cocktail. You must try this if you are okay with vodka in your cocktail.
You will need: 
A 750ml bottle of Pinot Noir
150ml Vodka
300ml Pomegranate juice
150ml orange juice
4 freshly squeezed lemon
100-gram fine sugar
You know the drill – mix all the ingredients except the alcohol, really well. Now add the wine and the vodka. Chill and you have the best wine cocktail – so fresh.
3. Simple Watermelon Crush
This one is a classic watermelon cocktail. But I don’t find it available very commonly in the restaurants.
750ml of red wine
2cups of watermelon cubes, peeled and seeded
30ml of ginger ale
Crush the watermelon in a grinder. Add the ginger ale and mix well. Now add the wine and refrigerate.
4. Honey-kissed Peaches
No matter how much I dislike white wine, there is no way that I wouldn’t experiment with it when it comes to sangria. Just trust the power of honey!
You will need:
A 750ml bottle of white wine, preferably Sauvignon blanc
100ml orange juice
100ml lime juice
150ml honey
2 cups diced peaches, peeled
Mix the honey-orange juice and the lime juice. Add the peaches and rest for some time. Add the wine and then chill for 4 hours. This is a fresh and summery drink!
5. Rose Bourbon Love
I kind of saved the best for the last. The love for fizzy rose and bourbon gave birth to this one.
You will need:
750ml bottle Rose wine
180ml bourbon, I love Jim Beam
100ml rose syrup, can be made by mixing rose water and sugar in the equal amount on medium heat
Mix all the ingredients. This is my elixir.

Author’s Note

I am currently on a not-drinking-spree. Yes, the love for health. However, I love experimenting with alcohol. I hope to be a mixologist someday. If only wishes were horses. 

Share any good wine experiments, if you have any. 

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  1. i absolutely love each and every one of these recipes and i am surely going to try them all before summer ends. now give us something to relish in the autumn. i am looking forward to hear more from you!

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