Suit up!

Winters! Oh yes, they are finally here.
Winters are undoubtedly the best time to look your best. You really don’t have to worry about the holiday weight you put on because you know that “that extra layer” of clothing (yes I am talking about the jackets) will hide “those extra layers” of fat.
Office or formal occasions, suits are the, of course, the smartest option. I love my work. And I love my workplace because of one simple reason that people are well dressed here in my office. Suits might be pretty uncomfortable in the summers but I don’t see any reason to not to dress up during the winters. Unless, of course, you want to look cool in the casuals – but formals are HOT!
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So, why you should be suiting-up this winters (and beyond)?

     1.  Not generalizing, but suits make women drool over you.
Let us talk about the first impression – men with suits have something magnetic about their personalities. Also, suits enhance your well sculpted, gym-ed body. Why not flaunt it if you have it!

2. Suits are confidence boosters.
I have always maintained that you need to look good to feel good about yourself. And admit it, if you know you are looking good you will feel more confident about yourself. And suits ALWAYS make you look good.
The Godfather, no exaggeration but yes, this is the confidence that I am talking about!

3. Workplaces love suits.
You are taken more seriously if you are well dressed or suited-up at your workplace. And who wouldn’t want that?
4.  Life is full of surprises
You never know whom you will run into, right? So why not look good. It can be Katrina Kaif or maybe your heartless ex, whom you would love to make jealous! The basic idea is not to send across a messy first impression.
5.  Finally, do it for yourself.
You don’t have to dress up for anyone else but you. Look good for yourself. At this point in time in our lives, we have spent a lot of years flaunting those embarrassing haircuts and wardrobe. It’s time to look good!
All right, still not convinced? I won’t push much. If not the formal look for the winters – you always have the casual jackets- option to flaunt. But you know what girls like, don’t you?
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