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I have read it everywhere – healthy weight loss is 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise. That is just so true – tried and tested.

After indulging myself in good amount of workout to achieve fitness, I can now say the above statement is 100 percent true. When you work out – in any form like running, dancing or muscle training – you get hungry and it is exactly this time when you have to curb all your cravings and go for a healthy snacking.

It’s human tendency to eat more – mostly unhealthy – when working out. Why? Because we mentally give ourselves reasons to indulge in eating because we are working out. We don’t work out to eat, we eat so that we can work out and achieve the desired fitness. Eating is necessary, specially when you are trying to lose wait – you need energy to carry out your daily activities, right?

There are far many options available for healthy and tasty eating than we are aware of. Protein and energy bars are one which take care of the energy and other nutrient requirements. However, they still remain questionable in terms of the sweeteners used and the trans fats contained in them.

To cater to these specific needs, 24X7 Energy has launched the Yoga Crunch – Herbal Food Bars. So, as they claim – this is 100% natural and contains no trans fats and artificial ingredients and are cholesterol free.

What is Yoga Crunch?

The ingredients used to make this herbal energy bar have been derived from the foothills of the Himalayas. Derivatives from the roots, fruits, leaves and stems of various herbs have been used in this food bar to provide your body with the nutrition it needs. This nutrition packed bar is made specifically to boost your immunity.

There are a number of food bars, granola bars, protein bars etc available in the market but this is the first of it’s kind Herbal Energy Bar. It envelops all the goodness from each of the 18 herbals. This herbal bar helps you support the lifestyle that you have envisioned for yourself. It not only helps you get fitter on the outside but also significantly improves your immunity from the inside.

Yoga Crunch supports healthy ageing, beauty, intelligence and fitness. It is an ideal meal replacement, which fuels your body and keeps you satisfied for about 3 hours. This bar is suitable for vegetarians.

So how does it taste?

All right, this is not the tastiest of the food bars. It tastes somewhere between green tea and Chyawanprash. But yes, it serves the purpose well. It is filling and serves as a good after workout or evening snack.

When and why should you have it?

It can be used as : a meal replacement, an evening snack, before your workout, by Yoga lovers, as an immunity booster, useful for better digestion and as a Probiotic.

Technically, what does it have?

Yoga Crunch is a delicious GMO Free herbal food bar that provides nutrition and sustainable energy. This healthy bar is made with whole grain oats, almonds, cashews, and 18 Ayurvedic herbs. It has no trans fats, no artificial color, and is cholesterol free.

1. Amala Pulp

2. Bala
3. Terminalia Chebula.
4. Guduchi
5. Mustak
6. Punrnava
7. Vidarikand

8. Liquorice
9. Ashwagandha Root
10. Crabs claw
11. Zedoary
12. Blue water lily
13. Air potato root tuber
14. Asparagus root
15. Cardamom

16. Cinnamom stembark
17. Clove
18. Rose hip

If you are are a fitness freak, you should surely give this a try. You can buy the product from Amazon or Snapdeal as well. The bars are priced at affordable INR 540 for 12 bars.

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