The Calling 
by Priya Kumar

The only thing you expect out of a motivational book is it to be not at all instructional. And yes, Priya Kumar nailed this clause effortlessly! The book might seem to be a li’l of track at times but the motive of the book is well achieved once you finish reading it.

The author makes her audience connect well by introducing the main protagonist, Arjun, who is at the lowest of his life so far – a relationship which on the rocks and a competitive and challenging career. And then, he meets with an accident, which changes the way he sees life. Cliched? Not really.

He meets an enlightened being who is disguised as his transporter and who makes him see the world in a different light. We all get that one person in our lives when we need, that is exactly how the universe works. That person can be a stranger, friend or probably the least expected acquaintance who helps us in achieving the self actualization that we seek. Also. once you read this book, you will realize that every person you meet or anyone who walks into your life has purpose – a purpose that is hidden and reveals itself at the right time.

The book is inspiring, yes. And the best part about the book is that it is so open for your interpretation – in every positive sense! I got slight hints of The Alchemist in this book. I personally liked the book because it is the most relate-able and tells that how you are responsible for your own life.

Publisher : Books That Inspire
Price: INR 122
Pages: 166
My Ratings : 3.5/5

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