2016 : The Year it was, the year it is. Part 1.

Yes, the year is about to end. 

And I will start this post with the most philosophical line in the history of philosophical lines – life is not a bed of roses.

Indeed! Some days are good. Some are not that good. And some – they are the worst. A collection of such days constitute an year. So is it a good idea to call an year a good or a bad one?

I used to call an year a good or bad – in fact I have a history of alternate good and bad year. But things change, don’t they?

I am now a believer of making an year your year. You know yourself inside out – don’t you? You know what you can do. You know how much you can push yourself. And you know what you dream of. Then why not create a vision board (yeah, the goal sheet of life)? Trust me, its a good idea. 

The vision board idea is borrowed from my savior Doctor Roshan. He had been telling me to create it since the beginning of times but I never understood the idea of doing it. And finally, when I hit a completely new low of my life and had nothing to anchor to, I decided to create my vision board. I can not thank him enough.

Having said that, I don’t mean that you limit your scope of vision to the vision board. The vision board is always an open board. It just makes you focus on things better. You don’t write very specific things but you know what you want to do to reach your specific dreams. Just write that. The vision board gives you a reason to look forward to when nothing is going right in life. It gives you the power of belief and hope that if one thing is going wrong it will be better because there are so many other things which might be going good.

I created my vision board in the beginning of 2016. And you keep it at a place where you see it every day – your bedroom wall, your phone/desktop wallpaper – anywhere, everywhere. 

I am not saying my life drastically changed. I am still unstable at many fronts in life and there are still so many things that I couldn’t achieve that are there on the vision board. But there are many things which I achieved. Yes, my life did not change drastically but it improved. I see things in a different light now, despite being sad. 

And that is my vision board. And I wish to write about it in the comings days. 

Not to mention, I wish to add many more visions for the next year. Notice the empty space there? That is there for the unlimited scope of the visions you wish to have for your life!

One important learning that comes out of this vision board activity is that you learn to appreciate every li’l thing in life. You learn to be thankful. 

I don’t know if 2016 was good or bad but it surely is my year. And I will make sure that I make the coming years mine as well.

  1. The vision chart looks like a fabulous idea. I am thinking of creating one for 2017. As for me, 2016 was a mixed year. I am looking forward to 2017, as few of my efforts might bear fruit, with the look of it.

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