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Product Review | BBlunt Salon Secret Hair Color

Product review : BBlunt Salon Secret Hair Color, Burgundy 4.20

Once upon a time in my life, I visited an astrologer. The moment he saw me, he told me that I might have to go for hair transplantation in my 40’s. That was the day when I decided that I won’t do any chemical treatment on my hair.

However, that is not how things can work. Can it? Then I changed the restrictions that I applied on myself. I decided not to go for any chemical treatment which would touch the roots of my hair. And thus, I have been very shallow with all the hair styling that I do. And its good too! I am not stuck with one style forever.

And that is when BBlunt came in to existence in my life.

Whenever I am running short of time, I resort to BBlunt. I am not a regular user of  BBlunt but some of their products have been my life savers during the time of dire needs!

BBlunt has been there with its dry shampoo to give that instant freshness I needed just before going to a party.

Dry shampoo works magically!

I have like used the High Definition Curls n- number of times to get that perfect Queen Bee look! Though this product is a li’l harsh on your hair, but the results are good and very temporary!

Lovely curls :’) (And yes, self obsession much!)

Then there is this one product – temporary color spray– which I have just loved! And that is because of it’s no-strings-attached nature.

I had colored my hair red (just the tips, to make sure that I don’t lose my hair). I loved that style. And that was the highest point of my life this year – yes, by just looking good!

And then after the color washed away, I went for bolder streaks of red.

The lovely red which I miss!

And that is when I realized that the after this bright color washed away (after 4 washes precisely), I was left with just some golden streaks. And just for the information, I hate golden hair.

Yes, I really did not like my golden streaks – so yeah, that is the story behind hiding my face. 

And then BBlunt comes up with their Salon Secret Hair Color. Given my previous experience with BBlunt, I did not hesitate in to try it.

I was anyway looking hideous with the golden color and I wanted to get it colored. I am pressed against time to actually go back to the salon and re-do it. The Salon Secret Hair Color is easy to use and can be done at home.

Easy to use at home! 

 I selected the color Deep Burgundy 4.20  because I knew that will go great with the rest of the
Here are the things to look forward to :

  • Easy to use and it takes only 45 minutes to get the color you want
  • Excellent coverage 
  • The Shine Tonic gives the perfectly gorgeous look and feel to the hair
  • This is ammonia free and thus very mild on hair
  • However, make sure to use a good shampoo and conditioner to maintain the luster and smoothness of the color 
So, I used the hole content of the tubes for overall application. However, I did not apply it from the roots of my hair. Before applying, I had black hair with loads of red streaks and no grey hair.


(My ugly golden streaks)


The end result of the product is perfect coverage! I have no golden streaks left and the color has blended well with my natural color. I like the slight hint of color on the black hair!


(The better coverage with the burgundy tint)


My hair feel gorgeously smooth. The name “Salon Secret” is so justified! 

Things you need to know:

Price : INR 225 (Introductory Price : INR 199)

Weight : 50 grams of Creme Colorant ; 50 grams of Developer ; 8 ml of Shine Tonic ; Suitable for one time use for long hair. 

Shelf life : 2 years from the date of manufacturing. 

My ratings : 4.5/5

Author’s Note
I love my hair. That is why I don’t use anything on them. BBlunt is therefore my “tried and tested” brand,

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