Why I love Instagram!

This is no promotional post. But for the very first time, I feel like writing about and endorsing this particular social media platform where you can post pictures. Just pictures.This post is a Happy birthday post to Instagram! Thank you, Instagram for being what you are and spreading the good vibes all around – at least in my life!

I am not going to write about how amazing a marketing platform it is or how it helps you stay updated with your friends’ life or how the amazing filters make you look like a great photographer. No, Instagram has more to it!

For once, let me just touch upon how as a viewer and not a publisher, Instagram is doing a great job in making people lead a happier life. Having said that, I am not promoting living in a virtual world.

Instagram is that one platform which provides instant happiness and thus the name is apparently justified. Speaking from a personal point of view, whenever I am sad because any random or reasonable reason, I just open my Instagram feed and it cheers me up!

The option of following some super amazing users makes it possible. Whenever in my life I feel demotivated, at work or at the personal front,  there are certain good quotations that can be found posted by the dedicated accounts. They make you see the good things, make you feel thankful for the life that you have, re-instigate your faith in the universe and remind you to be humble.

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Talking about motivation, there have been times when I feel like giving up on what I am doing professionally or just question if doing the things I am doing is worth or not. Though I know that I work to live the kind of life I dream of, some Instagram accounts serve the purpose of reminding me that!

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Or maybe these inspirational pictures, to own and design something this good!

Not just these, there are pets on Instagram as well. These are the perfect Monday morning posts to start a week and a day with a smile.

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Food on Instagram? Oh, these super amazing people who click some of the best things to eat(and drink) in this world so amazingly!

Then there is Virat Kohli, who makes sure that he posts his hottest pictures every now and then! In general, seeing the best pictures of your favourite celebrities is a pleasure of a different level altogether.

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And finally, posts like these are my all time feel good factor. As I always say, believe in your fairytale and the fairy tale wedding they talk about.

The world might not be as rosy and colourful as it seems here on Instagram, but there is no harm in spreading some good vibes and positivity and looking at them when you need them the most.  Come to think of it, Instagram can actually reduce your emotional dependency on others for cheering you up. And eventually, you will just see how you are only responsible for your own happiness. I love you Instagram! A very Happy Birthday to you, again!

Author’s Note
I am not a very good publisher on Instagram but I like this platform way too much. It has inspired me to write – instantly, describing some of the everyday pictures that I take. I will soon be starting the Mini Instagram Post Series here. Nothing special about this series. Just the better Instagram posts with some prose which I will republish on my blog!

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