The Not -So – Gym- Buddies

For most of us, the gym has now become a necessity. It is amazing how first we spend most of our time, in years, eating and then both our money and time to “lose” those years of weight and fat!

Striving to be fit is a good habit. Deciding to do something about it is a good decision. And continuing doing “that something” to be fit is determination.
I, like most of us, decided to stay fit for the rest of my life. I started running and eventually, when I lost weight, I decided to join a gym to be fit and not just thin.
So, I joined this expensive work-out place and have been working out there for quite some time now. I could have joined some next door gym but I wanted an external motivation too. People at good gyms are always determined and making extra efforts. That serves as a good motivation, no? Also, these expensive chains of the gym have a better trainer. The trainers here are not bags of steroids but people who have genuinely attained a lean and well-built body by dedicatedly working out.
But there are a few types of people in the gym who will always be there. No matter which gym, no matter what time or no matter which city, these sort of weird and not-so-weird people are always there in the gym.
1. The Hot Trainer
This is the guy who is always training other people and not you. He happens to be the motivation for girls and guys alike.

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2. The Newbie
He/she is that confused but overly enthusiastic person who will be doing every machine and functional training for forty seconds.
3. The Creepy Old Stalker
So, there has to be one middle-aged man who will just make sure that he is working out around you and tries to talk to you at every chance he gets.

4. The Wild Grunter
This person might just be doing just 2 repetitions of heavyweight lifts but he makes sure that the whole gym gets to know that he is doing that!

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5. The Super-fit Old Uncle/ Aunty
These people are the ultimate inspiration. They must in their late fifties but so fit and energetic that they can always give you the inferiority complex of the highest order.
6. The Glamour Girl
There is always this one girl, no matter what time is it, her make up will just be perfect. She might be working out heavily but her make-up is just in place. She is always wearing the best work-out attire and has a perfect body as well!
7. The Work Out Couple
There is always going to be a couple, working out together, wearing similar clothes or at least carrying the same gym bag. Awww, but no awww!

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8. The Forever Resting Chap
There is always one person who sits on every machine forever. He/she is always in the resting mode. I don’t know if they take the phrase “Going to the gym” way too literally.
9. The Work Out Buddies
This is a group of two or three people who are working out together, They will be running on the adjacent treadmills. They will be doing the same weight training – helping and motivating each other. And yes, enjoying their own personal gossip sessions.

10. The Know-it-All
You will always find this social butterfly fluttering around different people and educating them on the type of food, exercises and what not. And no, this one is not a trainer. He is just a walking encyclopedia when it comes to working out.
I have been to the gym during every hour of the day – early morning, not-so-early-morning, afternoon, evening – these people are always there in the gym. But nevertheless, my hours at the gym the best hours of the day. And if ever I have to promote one thing for free, it will be the idea of staying fit and doing something for it.
Author’s Note
I realized it pretty late that no love is better than self-love. Family and friends are important, yes. But you always have to give time and love to yourself to be happy and at peace. And no happiness is stronger than that of a healthy mind and body.

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