The #HexaExperience

It is always fun to drive. For me driving is an experience in itself. No matter how much traffic or rough the roads are, driving never gets tiring. And then, I get a chance to test drive the Tata Hexa during its pre-launch. And boy, why would I even dare to miss it!
Because I had to pose! Picture Credits: Majulika ( My partner for the wonderful #HexaExperience along with Ruby)
So yes, this blog is just about this SUV which I loved. The pre-launch was spread across two days in Hyderabad (Novotel, Shamshabad). The first day was about getting to know about the unique features and design of this utility vehicle and the second day was, of course, about gaining the first-hand experience!
Let me start with the striking features of the exteriors which I loved.
This car is certainly a beauty because of its IMPACT design. This car has a sporty look and it looks great in this electric blue colour. Yeah, that is my personal favourite.
Picture Credits: TATA Motors
This SUV is a beast on the road but its a sheer beauty with its stylish projector headlamps and striking Daytime Running Lights seamlessly integrated with the stylized fog lamps. All these are well complimented with the front fascia.
The car has a ground clearance of 200 mm and a wheelbase of 2850 mm.
The interiors are equally amazing. The leg space is pretty good in the front two rows. However, the last row seemed a bit cluttered.
The sporty leather interiors are pretty inviting.
Picture Credit: Ruby
One of the most amazing things about this car is that it has 6 smartphone charging points. I guess that makes the “utility” vehicle even more enticing.
The coolest thing about the interiors is the ambient mood lighting. The car comes with a choice of eight colour for in-cabin ambient mood lighting, with illumination control and customization. Imagine how great it would feel to drive with your favourite song playing on the 10 speaker JBL system and the car lighting up according to the mood. Delightful!
Alrighty! Enough about the designs. Let me come to the exciting part now. The second morning started at 5:30. We all were geared up to test drive this fully loaded vehicle.
The best part about this test drive was that the one way stretch of approximately 84 KM compromised of Expressways, National Highways, State Highways, City roads, rugged terrains and what not!
I had teamed up with these two amazing ladies and wonderful bloggers – Manjulika and Ruby – for the on-roading experience. Manjulika is a self-claimed lazy driver but she took on the roads on the roughest terrain with ease.
So, we started off with all the enthusiasm at 6:00 AM in the morning.
Picture Credits: Dr. Manoj Dubey
Ruby took on the roads first. We were all pumped up. Rather, as they put it “Adrenaline Pumped” up!
Since all of us are manual transmission drivers, we decided to start the journey with a manual transmission and shift to the self-driven card at our first pit-stop.
The Flag- off! Picture Credit: Manjulika
The best part about the early morning drives is that no matter where you are, the roads are always scenic!
The smart navigation system of the car is something to look forward. You can connect it to your phone and get uninterrupted navigation support without any distraction.
Picture Credits : TATA Motors
Once I took on the wheel, I realized that unlike other SUV, this car is not at all bulky. You wouldn’t feel as if you are driving a car which is this huge! And the height – oh yes, that thing makes you feel like the king of the road.
So the things that you need to know about this vehicle:
  • It is a 2.2L Diesel engine vehicle with a maximum power of  156PS and maximum torque of 400Nm
  • The manual transmission has the various modes – Auto, Comfort, Dynamic and Rough Road – for stability and smooth experience on road!
  • Yes, it has a 4X4 drive option! This one is on demand, ie, when you select the rough rode mode – this makes your drive simpler for you.
  • 19″ Alloy Wheels – hell yeah!
  • Both the transmission, manual and automatic, has a 6-speed transmission
  • Fully loaded with safety features – 6 airbags, speed sensing auto door lock and engine immobilizer
The various super drive modes. Picture Credit: TATA Motors
We drove on the rough-road mode and yes, it works pretty good!
Then we shifted to the automatic – transmission mode. And yes, this variant is made for people who are afraid of driving because shifting gears is a pain! Manjulika did not want to give up the driving seat despite being a lazy driver.
The automatic transmission has a straight line shift with sports and manual mode.
Picture Credit: TATA Motors
We were a gang of happy drivers after finishing the trip!

After we were done experimenting with the car on-road, we were taken for the off-roading experience and that is something which left me completely speechless.

All the manoeuvrability of this vehicle on rough and tough terrains were tested.

This site actually gives goosebumps, no? It’s even scarier to sit inside that! Picture Credits: Manjulika

We couldn’t test the Hill Hold Control and Hill Descent Control during our drive but the off-roading experience made us do that as well.

The Hill Hold Control automatically activates to prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards on uphill drives. The Hill Descent Control controls the descent on inclined surfaces without much driver’s interference and thus giving a great experience.

Up they go! Picture Credits: Manjulika

This experience also made us see the wonderful ABS with EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution) of the car. The ride was pretty adventurous. Yes.

The #HexaExperience was a wonderful one! This car is one family car which you would want to own for those weekend getaway trips. The drive is going to be a comfortable one with a great experience. However, this is not a city car.

  1. Wow! I would have loved to be there for this one :(. When I was there in Hyderabad, nothing happened at all. And only when I left, an event as big as this takes place there ;).

    The car looks to be quite interesting. Would have loved to drive this on the national / state highways in and around Hyderabad :D.

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