Month: October 2016

The #HexaExperience

It is always fun to drive. For me driving is an experience in itself. No matter how much traffic or rough the roads are, driving never gets tiring. And then, I get…

The Not -So – Gym- Buddies

For most of us, the gym has now become a necessity. It is amazing how first we spend most of our time, in years, eating and then both our money and time…

Why I love Instagram!

This is no promotional post. But for the very first time, I feel like writing about and endorsing this particular social media platform where you can post pictures. Just pictures. This post…

My Li’l Travel Book | Goa. Part 1.

All right, so just to make it clear, the Part 2 of this series will be about the Goa which is beyond the beaches, which I am yet to do. This time…

10 reasons to watch A Flying Jatt on Zee Cinema on 22 Oct@8PM

1. India’s first flying SuperheroIndia’s first flying superhero – A Flying Jatt saves the day in the coolest way. Bestowed not only with this incredible superpower our man can also display some…

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