As They Say : Health is Wealth.

Every time I see someone who is not fit for their age or with health ailments that could have been avoided by just being a li’l more careful, I tell myself that it is high time for us to stop underestimating what our ancestors taught us!Yes, it is not that difficult to understand that health is indeed wealth. I realized this almost a year ago and trust me, my life has been just great after that. And again, when I say health, I mean both mental and physical health.

Staying fit and keeping a healthy heart is not a Herculean task. No, not at all. There are just three mini steps that one needs to take and then you know you are healthy – physically and mentally.

1. Stay Active
All right, so you don’t have to go to the gym to stay active (though it would be great if you can!), but you can be at least less lazy.

A sedentary lifestyle is what almost all of us follow. It is inevitable, yes. But it is no excuse to overlook one’s health. And also not an escape. Stop giving yourself reasons. 24 hours is a good amount of time to be utilized. I have grown up seeing my dad going for a jog, every day of the year, without fail. And yes, he has a hectic life.

But I know the corporate rats. For them, excuses have no end. Why not try these tips?

● If you sit all day, stand as often as you can. One strategy is to stand up while talking on the phone

● Drink water all day out of a small container, which will force you to get up often to get more water.

● Choose a toilet far away, preferably on a different floor of your building

● Print out documents at a printer on another floor and walk there to retrieve them

● If your chair has wheels, lower the height of the seat so you can move freely under the desk

● If you must sit in a chair, try not to rest against the chair back, which will cause your lower back muscles to atrophy

2. Eat Good

The strategy for weight loss says – It’s 20 per cent work out and 80 per cent diet.

We ain’t aiming to lose weight(again, it is a good thing to do though). We are just aiming for a healthy body and heart.

Our moms are always pestering us to eat the green vegetables and giving up on the bahar ka khana. She isn’t wrong. It is okay to have one cheat day in a week when you can binge and eat all the unhealthy stuff that you like. But make sure that for the rest of the six days, eat everything well.

It is better to eat more meals which are light rather than having three heavy meals throughout the day. Eat nuts, eat fruits, eat less oil and cheese. Good food matters!

3. Stay Happy

This is the most important part. Seeing the bad in everything is not really a very good idea for a healthy mind. Take the 100 happy days to challenge if you have to. Embrace everything you have. Be happy. And eventually, you will see that happiness is a state of mind rather than a way of life. As long as you are happy, everything seems good and manageable. And even if not, you can sail through it easily.

These are pretty small steps towards a good, healthy and hearty life! Happy World Heart Day!

Author’s Note
“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association withBlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

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