World’s Best Job: Aunt

I have never been fond of kids. To be really honest, I have been afraid of them. They are so tiny, they can’t talk and they can’t let you know what they want and they leak from every orifice of their bodies – good enough reasons to be a li’l bit scared of them.

But then, times change and awesome sisters like me get an opportunity to get promoted to aunts! My sister gave birth to the most handsome baby on this planet on 12th March 2016. And that is it, I don’t talk about him much or let anyone else do that because I am too paranoid!

Yes, I am that paranoid! So that is the most you are going to see of my nephew around here.

The idea of having kids was never very attractive to me. It still isn’t but yes, life changes after having a kid around. I never held babies before this one. I did not really do it for many days. But then with great powers of being an aunt, comes great responsibilities and I HAD to hold him. No emotional and crazy shit of calling it beautiful and amazing but it was hard. The feeling is stressful. Yes, it is because you are holding someone who is too delicate and can not even convey to you if he is uncomfortable with you!

My life, like everyone else’s, has been an existential quest. One of the major questions that I came across in my life as if I would ever be able to have my own kids provided the fact that I am too repellent from them. However, this question stops existing once you live with a baby,  who is so much yours, in and out. You know it is just not about loving a baby. It is about so many other things.

For me, no personal achievement has been as great as being an aunt. The feeling is overwhelming because of way too many silly and not too silly reasons.

1. You get to feel cooler than you actually are!
You know you have a li’l version of your sibling whom you can make as cool and awesome as you are. Because hey, your sibling did the exact same thing to you. Now is the time to payback.

2. You know you can spoil this one and that feeling is great! 
The feeling of getting to pamper someone selflessly is an amazing feeling. I am just too tempted. You can buy anything for the baby. You can actually buy EVERYTHING for the baby.

3. You can be crazy, weird and funny around the baby – without getting judged. 
And I know I have a great future to look forward to because I can teach him anything. Like ANYTHING!

4. You get to spend more time with your sibling. 
I will speak for myself. No matter how close we were, me and my sister, we certainly have become closer because we spend so much time together now.

5. You will learn that you don’t need to be a parent to have parental instincts. 
I have become a different girl altogether after this Nephew Singh of mine. There are times when I can actually feel the unsaid joy and pain of his. And trust me, the love comes naturally. You don’t force it to come or not to come.

6. Wisdom is a complimentary gift with the aunt-package.
After this nephew of mine, I seriously gave having my own babies a thought. Kids are cute, yes. But the idea of spending sleepless nights is not. You should be ready to cradle someone to sleep 24X7. You realize that life is not just about sustaining yourself and giving yourself all the luxuries but also about what all you can give to a baby that you make.

7. You have the best source of entertainment. 
Yes, babies are the best entertainment and you can never get tired. In fact, coming back home to a baby after a tiring day at work is the best stress buster!

8. You instinctively become responsible. 
Living around a baby makes you really responsible. You would pay extra heed to cleanliness and lot many bad habits of yours. And yes, learning to change diapers is one of those responsibilities which you can not escape. So is the rotating duty of putting the baby to sleep.

Li’l things in life change. You will find yourself loving the idea of cancelling all the drinking plans with friends because you know you have to go home to a baby who can not even have a hint of alcohol around him. And trust me, you will love the virgin mojito parties!

9. You know you have got a buddy for life. 
I know I will be that aunt to my nephew with whom he will share everything. And he will sooner or later know that I have always got his back.

And I assume that this is a give and take relationship. I know he is going to be a great wingman for me!

10. And this last one is for all the narcissists like me. You learn to be proud of someone else other than yourself. 
Yes, the bond is so strong that you know every achievement of his is going to be yours and somethings that you can always brag about!

Author’s Note
My nephew is called Azad Verma. And I am going to get it inked on some part of my body because no matter what and no matter when, he is always going to be the most important kid of my life. You might not remember this time that we are spending together Azad, but somewhere down the line you are going to read this and you have to know that you have no clue how much I cherish these times. You have no clue about the thoughts that run across my mind every time you smile at me! It is just the best feeling! 
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