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Off lately, I have done way too much of travelling than I could have imagined. Going to tourist destinations is still fine but going to treks and getting the mountain tan is something which is a li’l less than fine.

I love mountain tan. Yes, I do. But then there is a limit to everything. I can’t see myself turning into charcoal, assuming that under pressure I might turn into diamond. Okay, that was lame. But the point I am trying to make here is that the idea of losing fairness is something we Indians can not live with.

And that was my story build up. I came across this amazing product, Anti Tan Scrub by Organic Harvest. Now when I say amazing you have to believe me that it is amazing. Organic Harvest, as the name suggests, produces everything organically and the products are eco – friendly. So basically, everything good that you can think about any cosmetic brand, it has to offer that.

Coming to this specific product. Though the packing of this product is beautiful, for a scrub it might not the best packing because at one point you might have to use your wet hands to reach out for more scrub. And that is the only con of this product that I am going to share.

It has got a very raw jungle yet gentle and sweet smell. It contains Liquid Shea Butter and olive oil in cream base, which are the best moisturizers for my skin at least. The olive oil gives this product brownie points from my side. That is how these beauty products should be – natural and less complicated.

This product is free from parabens, mineral oils and animal ingredients. The scrubbing beads are as mild as can be but are very effective.

This scrub is effective. It leaves your skin evenly toned and yes, it removes tanning to a great extent. You feel refreshed with a mild aroma. As it claims, yes, it leaves your skin brighter, smotther and squeaky clean.

Using this product twice a week is effective and trust me, you will as satisfied with the results as I am.

Things you need to know:
Price : INR 495
Weight : 50 grams
Shelf life : 2 years from the date of manufacturing. 
My ratings : 4.5/5

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