Month: June 2016

BrExit: Because It is Not Rocket Science!

Break-ups are always bad. And this one right here is going to be difficult not for the two parties involved but for rest of the world as well. As many put it,…

World’s Best Job: Aunt

I have never been fond of kids. To be really honest, I have been afraid of them. They are so tiny, they can’t talk and they can’t let you know what they…

From the Diary of a Monogamist

Life is very difficult for us. Yes. And what makes it more difficult? Self-realization and still not able to achieve self actualization.  I must be the last person who should ever write…

My Li’l Travel Book | Bangalore

Oh yes, Bengaluru, if you must. So first things first, I have been to this city twice. I don’t like this city at all. Period. However, this place deserves some credits for…

Product Review | Organic Harvest Anti Tan Scrub

Off lately, I have done way too much of travelling than I could have imagined. Going to tourist destinations is still fine but going to treks and getting the mountain tan is…

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