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Birthdays have always been special for me. Be it mine or my friends’ birthday, they are just special. With age, the celebration also changes. We start from the li’l house parties at home which our parents organize to small restaurant parties in school and colleges and then we finally resort to the surprise parties – at home.

With life getting busier as we grow up, planning a surprise party is a pain. Especially, when you have dear friends who are always expecting a surprise, you have to do something. You can either plan or get busy with shopping.

It is the time like these when websites like dholdhamaka come to the rescue.

Birthday parties for home – for kids or adults- this will take care of everything. No, they don’t plan it for you. Do something yourself – please! But they will surely make your plan successful. You can find every party supply here.

Not just birthdays, they have various parties to which they cater to. Supplies that you need to celebrate various festivals like Holi, Diwali – to name a few.

I personally liked the variety of things they offer. Gifts, wedding items and supplies for even break-up parties! The cash on delivery feature also gives the (pseudo) reassurance of buying online that we Indians always seek.

The items here are not very expensive. The various disposable stuff can be bought, used and thrown away without being worried about storing them again. At the same time, they give your party the fancy look that you desire, freeing you from the duty of cleaning and storing them again. You might even not know if you will use these decorations and supplies again, so why not just use the disposable ones?

This is a one-stop shop. You also find fun games and costumes for your party here. The more you dig into the site, the more interesting it becomes.

The site is easy to navigate and very user-friendly. In fact, the variety of products is so huge that once you start browsing, you will feel like hosting or planning a birthday party at home!

Happy celebrating!

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