What to gift on Valentine’s Day?

Whether you hate it or love it, but you can’t ignore it! No matter what, you can’t go against the tide of not gifting something to your beloved on Valentine’s Day. Don’t you know, gifting means caring!
Though I decided not to write anything on or around this not-so-coveted-day, I just wanted to share the happiness of gifting and caring, because, hey this day might mean a lot to many people!
Here’s a lowdown on what to gift on Valentine’s Day.  Find some interesting Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him as well as for her.
Let me start with boys because they are the most difficult creature to work on with when it comes to gift!  Besides being a baby doll for him on Feb 14, you can try gifting him something precious, timeless and unique.
Blazer for the dapper
Don’t you love him in crisp jackets? Of course, you do! Any guy looks slender and dapper in a nice blazer. Pick something semi-casual which he can wear anywhere. A blazer can be a nice addition to his wardrobe – something memorable too.
Spray the love essence
Did he ever tell you that he is crazy for good perfumes! If not, then let me tell you. As per studies, most of the men are fragrant-addict. Not just they love a pleasant-smelling woman, they also want to smell good. You can go for Davidoff Cool Water(that is my personal favourite. I mean I love it if my guy smells like that!) perfume for men or Night Dive. Even UCB’s Let’s Move is a nice option.
Gift him something funny
If your boy can tickle the funny bone and is always good with a knock-knock joke then he is somebody who has a cool, fun style statement. Gift him these quirky face-print socks from the brand Next available on Jabong.com, and see him giggling.
Let me shift the focus towards the ladies now. It’s not tough to find out what a woman wants! She might have rattled off by now the list.
Something to dazzle!
The fashionista in her craves for a good jewellery piece. She can never say no or be bored with a piece of jewellery. Gift her something unique in stones or beads. She will love you for being so thoughtful.
A saree for her sartorial elegance
Remember Sushmita Sen’s polka-dot sarees from ‘Main Hoon Na’. Bollywood sarees are quite a hit these days. You can gift your girlfriend or fiancée a lovely polka-dot saree. She will be amazed to see the style-forward guy in you.
Beauty products for the beauty
You can surprise your ladylove by gifting a customized Basket set of beauty and spa products. Here we have featured ‘Luv Basket Gift Rose Set’ from Nyah available on Jabong.com. The set includes ‘Rose Honey F&B’ bath gel, ‘Radiant Roses Skin Brightening’ face wash, ‘Rose Honey Sheabutter’ moisturising lotion, ‘Aloe vera Seawater’ face freshening tonic and ‘Valley Of Romantic Roses Natural’ handmade bar.
 I hope this one helped you a bit and eased out your difficulty in finding the right gift! Have a great weekend. 🙂
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