Those 10 minutes of Bliss!

The title sounds cheezy, no? But before you grind your gears about what this could be about, let me just clear the air. Now that I spend almost 14 hours a day in front of a computer screen, I grind my brain with I don’t know what kind of technical things and drive (which needs hell lot of concentration) for almost 100kms a day, I realize that the li’l breaks that people talked about in my younger days are actually so important.

Weekends are the long breaks which we all seek. I have realized that a two days long weekend is a must. That recharges me. I do my dance, I run an extra mile and I just write a lot and I feel good. But these breaks come after five hardworking days.

A human body is no machine. It doesn’t need to function 70 hours a week to get that well-deserved recharging. It needs recharging – a refreshing break – every once in a while. Of course, the elongated breaks are not possible. Then what should be done?

1. I take li’l naps in between. I call them power naps. Everyone calls them power naps. And they are the best things that can ever happen to you on the most tiring of the days. Just sit back, leave everything aside, close your eyes and sleep. Sleep for 10 -15 minutes and you are good to go. Make sure this is an undisturbed sleep. Because otherwise all you get is a headache and end up feeling even more tired. I take my power nap twice a day at a gap of almost four hours.

2. Take care of your beautiful eyes. They go through the most. I give myself an eye-spa whenever I feel my eyes are too dry or I feel a li’l pain. Lifezen comes to rescue. They have medically tested eyedrops for eye strain. Whenever I am too worked up, I just use two drops in each eye, close my eyes for 10 minutes and total calmness is what I get. Try it once? Trust me, I have started using it recently and I can not be thankful enough for this discovery! I use it once a day when I really need a break from my office stuff. Sometimes, when I am too tired, I use it again before I go to bed. This is just wonderful!

3. My life starts with an early morning run. It is relaxing and makes me happy. In between work, I can’t run. But of course, after every two hours, I take a 10 minutes stroll. Feel the breeze. Breathe deep and relax. It keeps me going.

These are my 10 minutes of bliss, each day. Life is cruel, I know but it has to be happy and healthy and that is in our hands. Completely!

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