Black and Dinner Dates.

No matter how much I try to keep myself away from the hokum called Valentine’s Day, there is something that will always make me think about it.

This time it was surely my workplace which urged the employers to dress up in red for ladies and black for gentlemen on Friday before Valentine’s day. Though I decided to wear yellow, I couldn’t stop myself sitting and wondering about the perfect valentine’s day date.

Dates have completely changed their meaning for me now. A date means a good dinner at an extremely quiet and sophisticated place. And then what comes next? The date look.

Black can never lose its charm. A pretty black dress, like no bling, just a simple black dress is my kind of thing. Teamed up with black heels and a black clutch completes the look. And then I started to search for it and I got the perfect look at Jabong’s Valentine’s Day special store!

Now, why am I so obsessed with black? Apart from making you look slimmer, black is one color which can be teamed up with any color. You don’t really have to worry about the matching. Go crazy with the accessories or keep them minimal, black will make everything look good. A li’l bling, like a handcuff, might just add the required feel and elegance to the look.

You will always look dressed up in black. It never goes out of fashion. Black is elegance. Black is class. Believe it or not, but black is the most feminine colour when it comes to dressing. 

And as you know my obsession with my hair, I would really feel a lightly tied bun would elegantly complement the wonderful dress.

I am not really sure how your date might react, but you will surely feel the best. Remember, you need to look good to feel good?

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