New year, new beginnings. Okay, so I have to say this is probably every post of this year because I have to re-instigate this to myself.My mornings are good – getting up in the dawn, taking a bath, going for a run and then starting my work. But can I make my morning go from good to gold? Yes, surely I can.

Having a healthy lifestyle is what I wanted to have. Physical fitness is getting a lot of attention, so is my mental health. But one fine day, I sat to think – is my oral health good too?

I personally eat and drink a lot. I have a sweet tooth and we all know that sweets are the best treats for the cavities of teeth too! They say cut down on your sweets to lose weight. I have not done it to lose weight, what makes me think that I will do it for the wellness of my teeth?

The Colgate Charcoal Gold toothbrush is exactly what answers these questions! It performs a 30 degrees clean up of the mouth. Worrying about oral health? Not any more. For a person like me who lost her milk teeth to cavities and is too conscious now, this comes as a great rescue. Moreover, if we keep the tooth decay aside, there are so many things that are a cause of worry when it comes to oral health.

Tongue cleaning, bleeding gums and most important of all – that beautiful and healthy smile!

Trust me, your mornings will turn from good to gold when you see that beautiful smile on your face. That is the key mantra and Colgate just makes it easy for you!

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