Month: January 2016

Love, Want, Need: Carven’s Spring Floral Sandals

There are many elements of Charlotte D'Alessio's life that read like a teenager's fairy tale. Instagram didn't exist when I was in high school, but I imagine I'd be pretty fascinated by…

2015 : The Year It was.

(This is a winning entry at the #Talesof2015 contest conducted by BlogAdda) Trust me, I did not intend to write this post at all. I wanted to break my tradition. The same…

Website Review |

You know the world is shrinking. And yes, we have been studying about the role of technology in doing that since ages. For me the good thing that technology has done apart…


New year, new beginnings. Okay so I have to say this in probably every post of this year because I have to re-instigate this to myself. My mornings are good – getting…


 Elimination of illiteracy is as serious an issue to our society as the abolition of slavery. -Maya Angelou Have you heard about the Millennium Development Goals? Illiteracy eradication is one of them.…

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