All right, I am for once not talking about alcohol with such a name to my post.This post is about that one author whose work has really amazed me. I won’t really say inspire because I have read all his short stories and someone so politically correct in a satirical manner has amazed me more than inspiring me. Of course, he inspires me to write everything “inappropriate” in the present day society full of “intolerance”.

Saki is his pen name. And a popular one too. He was born as H.H Munro. I became aware of him in my seventh grade when we had one of his short stories, the Storyteller, in our English literature curriculum. By that time I had already finished reading Rudyard Kipling, O.Henry, Mark Twain and more contemporary authors like J.K. Rowling and sorts. Coming across a story like The Storyteller, which is highly realistic than moralistic, was a turning point in my reading life.

That was the time when I was introduced to the concept of satire. So much of wit and humour presented in such a constructive manner – I was just awed.

And the very next book fair that happened in my 7th grade, I got myself “The Complete Works of Saki”. I was seriously blessed. And I am always thankful to God for making me capable of getting and reading the books that I have always desired.

It took me many years to read the book because I realized that not every work of his is as easy and suitable for an 11-year-old.

Good thing that I learnt from him – Beauty is only sin deep. 

The very educative thing I learnt from him – It is necessary to leave space for the mouse when baiting a mousetrap with cheese. 

The most practical life lesson I learnt from him – A little inaccuracy sometimes saves a ton of explanation

A beautiful thing that I learnt from him but I just don’t want to believe it – “…when once you have taken the Impossible into your calculations its possibilities become practically limitless…”

If at all you are reading this, I just want to request that please read this humble man. Trust me, he is the best of his times.

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