Oh, Nightlife!

Remember when I talked about cocktails? So many of them? So much of drooling! However, I am so sure that you must not feel like drinking at home all the time. Sometimes, you need club music or sometimes light music or sometimes no music at all just the company of friends in a vibrant ambience.

All right, for those times when you have to find the best place for finding the right pub and bar for your mood, you need to go to this link and find about the nightlife in India.

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After you have found out that where you have to go, I don’t have to tell you what all you have to do there. Chill, relax, hang out with friends, get drunk and get sloshed. Okay, so this might come out pretty wrong but I am not promoting drinking to an extent that you forget to live responsibly!

So, here are the things that you clearly DO NOT have to do to enjoy your nightlife.

1. DO NOT get too drunk when you know you have no one to really look after. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to ruin your friends’ night too by getting too drunk to handle.

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