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I have been meaning to write this post for so long. I am madly in love with Delhi. The thought of leaving this city is so rebellious that whenever I find myself face to face with such a situation, I just sleep through it. I know when I wake up the thought will just leave me.

Born and brought up in Delhi, I completed every part of my education in this city even when I got the chance to move out. Of course, Delhi has got my parents, which is a huge factor, but apart from that, the comfort level that I have here is just above everything in this world. No matter how sad life turned out eventually and the memories of each place in Delhi is too harsh to live with and I feel like running away, but then as I said, I sleep through those thoughts.

Having visited many parts of this country, I can proudly say that my love for Delhi is well justified. Well, everyone loves their city/homeland and we all have our reasons.

This city is certainly made of great. Right from the times of Mahabharata, this city has always had its own identity as the national capital of the country through the various time periods. This city has a heritage to be proud of. The city surely excels in every aspect – drive, design and connect.

Oh yes, drive! I have been driving for a very long time now. I blame the traffic a lot and I don’t deny it but your drive is the best in this city. Trust me. Why is that?

1. The outer and inner ring roads are the only roads of this city. They connect every li’l place in this city. They branch out to by-lanes and by-by-lanes and that is it. You reach your destination.

2. The signboards make sure that you never get lost in this city.

3. The flyovers are always there to yours. They are just nice.

4. All right, give me the argument of traffic. That is inevitable in any city. The traffic is at least managed here. Of course, the peak hours are a pain but I drive 30 kilometres every day to my workplace and another 30 kilometres back home and my drive is as smooth as it can get because I am working from 7:30 in the morning to 4:30 in the evening. Yes, I avoid peak hours. And the roads are just fine – too good to drive. 

I have been to cities which has worse traffic. Even during the odd hours. Trust me, those were the times when I felt like flying back home and lie on the Delhi roads and literally kiss them!

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Of course, we (ah, that sense of pride) ain’t one of the most well-planned cities (I am talking about Chandigarh), but yes, as I mentioned above, you can never get lost in this city. The signboards will never let you.

Using your navigation in this city is just so awesome! The navigator of Google maps tells you to take a road by its name and every road is just so clearly marked here. Not just that, drive around central Delhi and you will love the person who designed that area. I really can not just explain that in words. You have to be here to experience that.

Even though Kolkata was the first city to have Metro trains before it was cool but you have to agree that we (that pride again!) nailed it.

The connectivity is great in this capital city. Though I am not a huge public transport fan I won’t argue when it comes to the way Delhi connects every point in it to other places.

You will always find your way in the Metro network of Delhi. The roads are well connected too, so connectivity is never going to be an issue. Oh London Tube, you are not far away!

Not just that, Delhi is probably the easiest to reach the city in the country. Be it by roads or by trains or by flights, Delhi is just so accessible. Why wouldn’t one love this city?

I ma sure you must have heard a lot about Delhi. Delhi infamous. Rape capital, least friendly and what not. But trust me, you have to be here to blame us for everything. Yes, rapes happen here. And they happen everywhere. Irrespective of the fact where they happen, they have to stop. You will find the people to be helpful in Delhi. Stop to ask for direction and you will reach your destination. As a Delhiite, I can not hate it. Once a Delhiite, always a Delhiite. And I am a proud one.

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