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All right, so thus one might interest those of you who love design. Have you ever thought of having a cool platform where you can design your own t-shirt, buy it and probably even sell that design after patenting it?

Sign up at FreeCultr, create your own store and do every cool thing that I just mentioned above! Not only for designers, but this is an amazing application for people like me who just have some thoughts suddenly and would love to wear them too!
There is a myriad of designs by various designers and you would just love to explore! However, creating your own t-shirt is super fun.
All you have to do is have a good design in mind. It can be your sketch, a graphical sketch or anything. Just make sure it is your own copyright. Let me show you a li’l demo. I am using a very basic picture. But, I love the idea behind this picture. Hi 5 to all cute and chubby people like me! 😀
Upload your design.
Yes, real unicorns have curves!
I don’t think anything can be easier than this. And trust me, this is pretty addictive. Go ahead, try! Make your own t-shirts and wear what you think.
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