#Technocrats for the Adarsh Bharat

I am sure your mom or dad or anyone elder to you blame your mobile phone for everything happening to you, your grades, your fitness, your next door neighbour, the world outside or the galaxy where we reside.

Though the mobile phones keep us addicted to them (which is becoming a totally redundant fact now because now we are retrospectively using phones for the basic needs), they have certainly more to them. With the changing times, the “basic needs” for which the phone was used has changed.

Now there are smartphones which use the 4G technology to cater to those basic needs.

But why do I sound so essay-ish? Oh, because that is how ideally we talk about good things. Remember when in school we used to have those adarsh baalak charts and various other charts to teach us so many things – from good habits to festivals of India to each and everything.

So let me just use those conventional ways -essays and charts- to tell you that how, if used correctly, the latest technologies are going to help each one become the adarsh baalak and thus help us evolve as an adarsh Bharat. 

A phone keeps you connected to everyone. The technology just reduced so many of the following step to just one press of a button.

No such pains are taken any more, you just call. And with the technology penetrating every nook and corner of the country, why won’t we evolve, just why?

An adarsh baalak  spends time with his family. In the fast-paced world of today, though there is time crunch because everyone is just running the rat race, the latest technologies are making the world come closer. 4G has certainly made Skype calls with your near and dear ones less painful now!

An adarsh baalak eats his fruits and vegetables. But does he have the time to buy the freshest of all? But with making groceries available on your phones’ apps, this is possible.

He also socializes. Like I really have to elaborate on this one. Socializing is good. Of course, everything is bad in excess but we are talking about ideal here.

No just that, with apps for dating and matchmaking, our adarsh baalak can find the perfect lover, just as he is supposed to.

A healthy lifestyle is what our ideal boy leads. Playing sports and practising yoga. And the fitness apps nowadays not only help you track your activities but also helps you stay pumped up!

Don’t even get me started on recreation like the indoor games. That is a healthy practise and when you can do that with your android phones, why not?

And also, do you remember the means of transport charts? And don’t you just admire the convenience that the technology has brought of getting those means of transport anytime, anywhere? Be it the cabs or the autos or booking the flight and train tickets, it’s all just there!

Yes, technology is making our life that simple and helping us evolve to be better-balanced beings. And Micromax makes everything that is convenient just affordable!  I hope the next time you are being scolded for using your phone way too much, you have some adarsh arguments to make.

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