“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”
– J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

How surprising it is that we grow up reading and learning about the importance of unity and yet by the time we grow up everything is just a waste. Today, we are living in a world where we are heavily divided on the basis of something, or someone, who never intended us to stand divided – God.

Every religion, every ethnicity, today has a different understanding of the concept of the superpower who practically created the universe and everyone in it. True, everyone is entitled to think what they want to. But now this has come to an extent when people are killing people because of the clashes in their beliefs. The people who are carrying out this insane massacre in a different part of the world cannot be even called evil. They are not even smart. They are just stupid, blindly believing and trusting what human instinct in every possible way would not.

You and I can not stop them. But we can stand against them. The least we can do is stand for what is right – in favour of human interest. Yes, religion is a sensitive issue. But getting carried away in a way that you come to believe that human slaughter is the done thing in the light of your belief is nothing but stupidity.

It is important to learn young that every person, from anywhere around the world, is a human and nothing more or nothing less. Everyone shares the same emotion and living habits. Imbibing such thoughts in a child makes a good human being. A child should know how to embrace cultural diversity, learn from it and grow. No place for hatred should crop up, from anywhere. It is that easy.

To propagate the similar school of thought, Lovely Professional University (LPU) conducted a two – day fest, ONE WORLD,  in their Jalandhar campus to celebrate the diversity and imbibe a global perspective in students here and all around the world.  Students from 28 states of Indian and almost 26 countries around the world participated in this fest. Among the participating countries were Afghanistan, Nigeria, Uganda and Maldives. Each country showcased the cultural diversity that they hold and promoted the message from the golden era – Unity in Diversity. Events like these are a necessity in today’s world. 
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