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We are always talking about the environment. Many of us do our li’l parts to save them and protect it. I am sure many of us do. And there are many other things that should be taken care of. Like reducing the pressure on the non-renewable sources of energy.

This is something we studied a lot in our schools. But do we really care about it now? The electricity we get at our homes still come by those plants run by coal, no? But have we really stopped to think about that? Or our conscience works only during Diwali when we pledge not to burst cracker “for the environment”. And then we just burst them anyway during weddings because wedding cracker doesn’t harm the environment, duh!

To make people aware of one of the alternate resources,  Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association has launched Windergy India – a unique digital platform to create awareness about the Wind Energy sector in India.

Why wind energy? There are so many things that the media, without getting the facts right like always, is always bashing it for. So, let me just bust some of the wind energy-related myths that we have, if at ever, heard and read about.

1. Windmills are dangerous.
Like how? Why? After 68,000 machines installed around the world, no human life has been harmed since then.

2. Wind turbines kill birds.
Okay, so this is just typical. If not human life then protests for the mute animals, which is a good thing but one should get the facts right before doing that. Trust me, increasing air pollution is far more dangerous for birds than the windmills.

3. Windmills are inefficient.
Okay, so the windmills work 75-80 per cent of the time. And for a period of one year, a windmill produces 30 per cent of the maximum theoretical output. And guess what? The conventional power station which runs on coal and produces pollution and health hazard in real produce average of 50 per cent of the maximum theoretical output.

4. Wind Energy is more expensive
Wind energy is cheaper than nuclear energy and comparable to coal when it comes to the cost of per unit production of energy. And yes, it works on a renewable source of energy – thus reducing the pressure on mother Earth.

5. Wind Turbine noise damages health
There is no scientific proof of that. And the rumour that wind turbines produce infrasound is unscientific. It is actually just a rumour.

6. Any house can have a windmill.
Not discouraging, but a non-turbulent wind to produce the amount of energy you need can be available only at places with large areas with the least number of obstacles.

7. Wind energy causes global warming
WRONG. Wind turbines do not create any warming of air instead they redistribute the air’s heat near the surface. Also, turbines do not generate any heat on their own thus not increasing the concentrations of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. Because hey, no use of fossil fuels!

PS: Windergy India aims to create wider public awareness on the benefits of wind energy, and the sectors efforts in India. Its mission to develop a recommendation for Wind Energy among the general public. Towards this, they have set up our presence on social media platforms. They are also developing a website and working on a series of campaigns to help spread awareness about the benefits of wind energy as a viable solution to India’s energy crisis and its impact on global warming and climate change.

You can please visit them on their FacebookTwitter and You Tube.

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