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#MadeOfGreat | Part 2.

So you must remember Part 1. You must. Because I assume that I have at least a handful of regular readers.

Carrying forward this series with the woman power, I present to you Christina whom I very recently but it just feels as if I have known her forever. Meeting her is a perfect example of how you bump into shitty things in life yet if you know you are lucky enough you will dig out gold out of the turd. Christina is that gold that I found in a bunch of some weird people I met and hope I never meet again.

Christina is one crazy girl who is blunt on the face and suffers from severe verbal diarrhoea but she is the most amazing person because she is the person with the purest heart. For her, you would just want to use every adjective in the superlative form.

When you talk to her you will think that probably she is too jobless to be talking so much about anything and everything. But, she is one smart lady. An independent woman who studied in the most prestigious college in London and landed with a job in the most prestigious space organization of India, ISRO. And “most” is going to be the most used word in this post. Oh God, I need to stop!

And someone with so much of brains can be so glamorous is just almost impossible to believe. She talks about every low and high of her life. Unfortunately, I was there during one of the lowest of her life but seeing her emerge out of it so strongly in no time is just inspiring and proves that she is the #MadeOfGreat. People like her hail from a background with strong morals and I am just glad that I have bumped into her.

Christina – In and Out!

What did you have for breakfast? 
(There is not much meaning to eat. This question is just to test if a person is healthy enough to sit through the interview)

“My words because I’d promised mum I’ll go to church this Sunday and I woke up way after Jesus might have left the church for a Sunday outing!”

(Oh, I forgot to mention, she is a foodie. However, she is just too not ready for the interview. But I made sure we had some good food before she gave this interview!)

What would you do if you were the one survivor of a plane crash?
(Now, people who are not mean at all our best to answer this question. I believe that this brings out the best out of them and their selfless nature)

“I would charge the media crazy amount of money for exclusive interviews and then donate the same to the families of those departed.”
(Hear, hear!)

Who would win a fight between Spiderman and Batman?
(All right, so this question is just to keep the fun factor on so that no one walks out on me in the middle of the interview)


“None. I’m a Superman Girl so no matter who’s a fight against who. Superman is always the winner!”

If you had a machine that produced $100 for life, what would you be willing to pay for it today?
(This one tells about the importance of independence that one feels in his/her life)

“I’d wanna pay $100 and then maybe print more money and try and get one made for a higher denomination.”
(Shut up, you are portraying it all wrong!)”

Describe the colour yellow to somebody who is blind.
(I look for inspiration for creativity all around me. The people I am talking about are creative in their own manner. Let us just see how.)


“Yellow is nothing but a punishment for the ones who are able to see. PS: I hate the colour yellow”

Which is your favourite Disney princess?
(This one is to understand one’s stand on sexism.)

“I don’t believe in fairytales and have never had dolls in my life. I grew up watching Ninja Samurai n shit.. my favourite Princess is I, Me, Myself!”
(Oh yes, I have learned to be more self-obsessed because of her. *sigh*)

When you just fail, what makes you get up and try again?
(Now comes the serious questions. I am only interviewing the people who inspire me for being great in themselves. So yes, this question kind of sums up the “why”.)


“The expression on the faces of people who dislike me (yes, that breed exists…shocked? Ikr!)”

What or who is the source of your strength?
(Because I know these people will always tell you to draw strength out of the situations and not always the people!)

“I could say my mom, dad, etc..but I am my own source of strength. I have always pushed myself to limits and it’s always paid off in form of success or a lesson for life.”

(Exactly the greatness I was talking about!)

Who inspires you to be as selfless as you are?

“My Parents. They turned two potentially hard lives into absolute beautiful ones and they’re continuing to do so.”

I am just completely in awe of her and in love with her. Also, she calls me “Christina – five years ago”. Whether a compliment or not, I am yet to figure out.
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