Live This Diwali.

“But Suman, you don’t have to do this!”“Doesn’t it all make sense maa? Even Ramji returned today after killing and conquering the evil. Why can’t we just kill and get rid of the bad, the sad and the negative feelings that keeping us from progressing? And he was my best friend. What can be more precious than friendship?”

“But a lot has happened after that. Just don’t be too harsh on yourself.”

“It has been two years maa. All the wounds have healed. We have moved on in our lives and I miss the person that Rajeev was. Growing up with him was fun. We did not work out because we weren’t meant to be. Maturing with him is going to be even great. Even you agree that no human can be as good as him. No one hurt anyone. Probably, I blew things out of proportion. Dad and Ahuja uncle just don’t talk even after decades of being the best of friends. Do you think that is how it should go?”

“I know. I just want you to be happy. I hope your decision is just right.”

Rajeev and I were family friends who grew up together. I have known Rajeev since forever. Playing, learning and getting scolded for all the naughtiness – we saw that all, together. Being there for each other for everything was just the given thing. It was all just perfect. After I returned from London and he completed his grad school here, our parents decided that we can probably start a life together. I couldn’t have been happier. There are some people whom you admire so much that you want them to stay with you forever. And probably that was the whole I idea why I agreed to the alliance. And even Rajeev too.

Soon after we got engaged, Rajeev started to have realized that probably being friends and being life partners are two entirely different things. I clearly dismissed it as the typically cold feet that guys get before the wedding. I was wrong. Two people don’t have to work out always no matter how much they enjoy each other’s company. I am glad that Rajeev realized it much before we started a romantic journey. If we would have, half-heartedly, we might have missed out on the things that were actually meant for us! Rajeev called off the engagement.

He was sorry. I had no reaction. My dad probably took it to his heart while Ahuja Uncle was all apologetic. I stopped talking to Rajeev for I was too emotional. But, everything happened for the good. Everything does, always. It took me two years to realize what all I was losing on to by being so cold and harsh on me and probably everyone. And that is when I chose this Diwali. I want to live this Diwali without anything to be sad or revengeful for.

I won’t call it moving on because there was nothing to move on from. I want to have one beautiful person back in my life just like the way he was there always.

“Happy Diwali Greetings Rajeev!” I somehow knew that he will answer the door.

“Happy Diwali Suman.” He uttered with his ever magnificent smile. 


Diwali is the time when no matter how hard things might have been in the past, it is best to accept and move on with it. Probably there are certain things that you can not force but accept gracefully that what has happened has happened and that clinging on to it won’t change it much. Or at all.

Celebrate happiness, togetherness with friends, family and everyone whom you admire.

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