“Hello, It’s me.” No, I want something more than just a Hello.

I am so glad that I am being able to publish this one before Adele comes out with her next song.

I am an Adele fan. I love the way she sings. I am a huge fan of her voice, her music and the emotions that she puts in while writing the lyrics. But somehow, I am just not impressed by her latest song – Hello.

This song reached almost 28 million people in the first 24 hours and remained the most watched song for a good amount of time. I liked it too but with a but.

I read it somewhere that when you are happy you listen to the music and when you are sad you listen to the lyrics. Not that I am given-up-on-my-life sad but yes, sad enough to hate the lyrics of the song.

When the song starts, you can relate it to an estranged lover that how time couldn’t heal much of the pain or despair of not being together anymore. But as the song proceeds, you realize that these are probably the most spineless lyrics. No offence.

This is a person singing a song after breaking someone’s heart and then saying sorry. I wish life was that easy. But for some people, it is. No? Even though saying sorry never fixes everything but the person who is hurt has to let go off the things just, probably just out of love. But yes, if the other person decides to move on and not forgive, I guess that is completely sane. And that is what is being done in this song.

The lines which completely shook me were “At least I can say that I have tried”. This just clears my doubt. Indeed this is being sung by someone who wants to pacify himself and taking himself out of the guilt. Clearly reasoning out to self why he has not been forgiven for some unforgivable mistake. I am sorry and I tried calling you and now I am happy that I at least tried to make up for my mistake by just trying to say sorry, Yeah right. That is called a condolence message to self.

If only a sorry can give you back all the time and effort. If only it can just mend everything broken. Everything in life is not supposed to teach you a lesson, so that argument is invalid.

I probably related to this song way too much. But I am sorry, A hello and a sorry is not what I need. I need so much more than that.

Oh yes, there is one thing that you can not give a miss when you listen to this song. This is probably the cutest video in the history of cutest videos,

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