Because It’s not so “Middle Class”.

If you have seen Indian television evolve, I am sure you know what I am talking about. When asked about #ThatTVShow which created an impact on my life, I stopped to think for a lot of time.I have been following almost every Television series that has ever existed – blame it on my four years of engineering which generally gives a hell lot of time- but then again every series gives you a serious life lesson. Even the Sitcoms talk so much about friendships and other relationships to cherish that sometimes you feel like taking life a li’l less seriously.

This certainly sounds so no me but yes trying to be a li’l less serious is what I am trying to do since so many months now.

Anyway, today I just want to talk about the only tolerable show on the Indian television – Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai. I am so sure that almost everyone who is reading this agrees with me. This show transformed Indian comedy altogether. Of course, there was the generation of Shriman Shrimati, Office Office and sorts, but this one marks the change we all wanted to see.

The serial definitely left an impact on my life – to crave for some good comedy. There are way too many reasons to love each and every character of this show. And of course, the show in general. So let me just jot down what all I learned by this not-so-serious sitcom.

1. I have loved Maya Sarabhai not only for the witty insults that she throws but also for her dressing sense that signified class.

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2. The show definitely increased my vocabulary! And of course, one must have learned the 1000 adjectives for the word  “middle class” – categorically, vernacular etc.

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3. Indravadan took praying pranks to a whole new level.

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4. The things that your mom does at times are actually real things being done by so-called middle-class people.

5. And thus, Monisha was not “outrageously” middle class.

6. Mamma’s boys can be mamma’s boys “preposterously”

7. The neutral characters in life are always the one who deserves the universe’s sympathy.

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8. It is okay to deal with irritating people of life.

9. Sophistication is portrayed through the names – Monisha, Rosech, Matsyagandha, Ajinkya, Swaroopa, Amartwanshu!

10. Life is chaotic. 

I pray, like every other fan, that this show returns with another season.

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