Tinkle, Tinkle! My Favourite Stars!

Today is the 300th day of the year. Yes, 2015 is nearing its end already. And no, it has not much relevance to the topic. Today is the 300th day, and the fact of me being aware of the fact, I wanted to write a blog post. No specific reason. Just like that.But of course, this is one of those tough times when apart from suffering from the writer’s block, every day is an emotional challenge of a different level altogether. Therefore, I just wanted to write a happy post.

And my happiness device is this Doctor called Roshan, who came up with the absolutely unique idea of sharing the movies which make me happy. Wow! These old people I tell you! And thus I decided to be even more ancient and write about the comic books that made my already awesome childhood, in terms of literary exposure, even more, breath-taking.

I grew up reading all sorts of comic books – Archies Series, Chacha Chowdhary and all the characters by Pran Uncle, Spiderman, Champak, Tinkle – you name it and I must have read it and most probably even have a huge collection of it too!

Of all of them, by now you must have understood, Tinkle was and is still my favourite. Trust me, when I read it today, I know that it is the maximum amount of fun that I can have otherwise.

I was introduced to Tinkle when I was around six years old. My sister was an avid reader of all sorts of comics and magazine. She had a huge collection and we have a huge age difference. So, when I learned to recognize images and colours and was capable enough to open the bookshelf on my own, I would take out all her comics when she went to school and flip through the pages and then stack them neatly before she came back from school. I, however, was not a very good page-flipper. I often ended up with many torn pages. Of course, my sister knew that our house was never haunted and I was the reason for the mysterious mutilation of her treasure. Therefore, eventually she started to hand over the amazing pieces of animated literature to me.

The Tinkle is published in Hindi as well. This one was published in the early 80’s..
Yes, this also belongs to my Uncle. And I still have it!

The first Tinkle that I read was an edition that was published in the early 80’s – A decade before I was born and probably when my sister was hardly a year or two old. These two Tinkles belonged to my Uncle. So yes, Tinkle has been a heritage for us. I was just mesmerized by the beauty of the cartoons depicted there. They were so us!

My first ever Tinkle. August 1997.

Soon after that, I would weight for every 1st and 14th of the month so that I can go to the newsstand and get myself the latest issue. I admired a few of the characters more than any other. The few of the characters were Suppandi, Shikari Shambu, Kalia the Crow and Tantri the Mantri. Apart from these, there is Nassaruddin Hooja, Uncle Anu and many others. No, just their stories, Tinkle publishes miscellaneous stories in the funniest and educative way.

Everything and everyone has changed in Tinkle over the years. However, the spirit of tinkle has not. It still remains a fun learning and educative comic book to look forward to. I still. I don’t know if the generation now and the coming generation would ever enjoy it the way I have and everyone from my time has.

My love for Tinkle rekindled when I came across Suppandi’s comics as videos on YouTube. The channel is called Suppandi and Friends and you can also find the animation of many characters there.

The level of happiness is entirely different when you see your favourite comic character from Tinkle standing  in front of you. ComiCon Delhi 2012.

Suppandi has always been my favorite character. I pity him. But I have always learned a lot from him. To laugh and to make others laugh. And he always entertained us with his stupidity but never gave up even after being kicked out from every home where he worked!

Suppandi through the ages.

Every story idea published by Tinkle is received by people and readers like us, illustrated in the most unique manner and then the end result is just fun.

Shikari Shambu, the coward hunter boasts about his bravery and always gets away with it by fluke.

The illustrations might have changed a bit but Shikari Shambu stays totally adorable.
This is ComiCon Delhi 2014. I never miss the ComiCon and I never miss this stall!

Tantri the Mantri is the cunning yet stupid minister who always looks for a new way to kill the king and become the king himself.


The cutest part of Tinkle is the series that they have which features the junior version of these characters. The childhood stories of theirs are just too cute.

I always wanted to receive a handwritten letter by Uncle Pai. I used to write to Tinkle too for this. But it never happened. I just wanted to meet him once, but he left for his heavenly abode after completing his time on this earth. I am a big fan of Tinkle. Even today, I stop at the newsstand to buy the latest issue, whenever I get time.

Yay! The collector’s edition!

Oh yes, I forgot to mention the goodness called Tinke Digest! It is just loads of stories in one issue.

So yes, I succeeded in writing a happy post. I was constantly smiling while writing. Happy 300th day of the year!

PS: Though I did not like the series of Kalia the Crow. I loved the names of the characters. Doob Doob, Chamataka, Keechu and Meechu! 😀

PPS: Roshan, I have mentioned you in my posts so many times now that you should start giving me monies for every click that originates from my blog. :-/


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