The story of my Two Left Feet!

My left feet asked the other one,
Let us dance, let us roll.
The other one laughed and said,
I am not your mirror image, I am just you not in her control. 

This is my story. I like the idea and concept of dancing. I have grown up seeing my friends dancing in school. Then I came to college, enjoyed watching the dance club practises and then graduated to go to my post-graduate college where I encountered even more wonderful dancers. The idea of dancing always alluded me but somehow I blamed my body structure and my totally clumsy nature for stopping myself from dancing. Also, I have been a shy girl. No matter how difficult it is to believe, but yes, I am shy. *sigh*

But as your life hit the quarter-life crisis, you realize that you have to do everything you desired before you hit the mid-life and regret about so many un-checked things on your to-do list. I don’t know if any of you going through the quarter-life crisis experience this but I, as an individual, find myself very less motivated to do something. My decisions are impulsive but the things that require long time commitment lack self-motivation from my side.

I decided to join some form of dance classes after I start working. Four months into a job that thought never crossed my mind again. Well, blame it on my weekend-less job schedule but then again that is the excuse that I make because of the lack of self-motivation. No?

Then I started to read a lot about self-motivating speeches and articles. And I realized that how they don’t help you at all! Self-motivation comes from within and nothing else. So, I started to look about a healthier life and a fitter body. I am working towards it so that I can prepare myself better for dance. During that time I came across the dance bible which ends a dance lover’s search. This website motivated me in two ways. One, it helped me chose the style that I really want to learn by giving an in and out information about it. If you always wanted to just let your body move but never found the right track to do that, you will find some great dance audio here. There are pretty great motivating dance videos too. Once you sit to explore this website, trust me, there is no looking back. Second, the initiative by the dance lovers to help the other dancers and non-dancers is motivational in itself. They are doing what they are passionate about. They have just begun and are already doing great by providing great content, having a super interesting blog and forming a platform for interaction for the dance experts and learners. Isn’t that amazing?

The right kind of motivation that I was looking for. I just hope that this one stays for long.

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