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I love this time of the year. You can actually feel Durga Pujo in the air. In fact, you can feel it just everywhere. Initially, Pujo was all about buying new clothes for every day of the occasion but eventually, as I grew up it became more about helping mom with the home furnishing shopping. Not that I have stopped buying clothes, I can never do that but hunting for the perfect curtains, cushion covers and bed sheets became a part of the ritual too.

And that is exactly when I came across House This! I was given the option to opt for any bed cover that I like. Of course, with time your ways of shopping evolve too. I am a genuine online shopper who loves to search, browse and splurge on the trusted e-commerce websites. Jabong tops my list of trusted websites because of their huge collection, on-time delivery and great, like unmatched, after-sales services. You know you can trust a brand or retailer if it’s listed on Jabong.
The collection offered by House This is vast and very creative. Every design is unique and trusts me, you will love the colours as they have been conceptualized for every product that is listed. After a lot of browsing, I came across what I was looking for. This!
Bed covers form an integral part of bedroom furnishing. For me, they have to be minimal, bright and yes, inspiring. Do you remember how enticing bed covers used to be when we used to build the pillow fort in our childhood? Colourful bed covers made the best walls for the forts. Right?
That is the reason why I take a special interest in choosing the bed covers. They just remind me of my wonderful childhood!
Now there are certain reasons why I particularly chose this bed cover by House This.
I am a huge fan of the colour red. I love this colour because it signifies passion. And you can witness that in many things that surround me. Let me quote is again -“surround me”. You would seldom find me in red colour because I prefer to live with the colours which are inspiring. I don’t wear red. That is exactly the reason why I chose a green colour.
Green signifies harmony, growth, prosperity and freshness. And that is what I seek to look at when I return home after a tiring day. My bedroom is entirely my personal space and the bed is where I spend most of my time. This particular design just caught my eyes because of the wonderful blend of colours put together as stripes. I love the stripes. That is just inherent. Vertical, horizontal or diagonal -I am a stripes lover.
So, that was about the first look. My mom is generally not in favour of buying something which needs quality testing first to be ordered online. But I was pretty sure that this won’t, just won’t, disappoint me. This product arrived in a good enough time of 4 business days in wonderful packaging.
And what made me happier was the personalized handwritten letter on a handcrafted sheet of paper. Creativity runs in House This’s DNA.
Now the product had to go for the quality test by mom. 100% cotton with the best finishing that any handloom cotton product can get – good to go! The touch and feel of the bed cover are too good for the price at which this is offered.
The walls of my room are painted with the lightest shade of pink and the cherry coloured doors and curtains just compliment that well. Going for a green bed cover a well thought yet random decision. But I guess I did justice to my room. Did I?
My li’l space has been brightening up my this amazing piece of art! I am totally loving each and every part of it.
Go ahead, look out for some amazing designs and deals by House This! this festive season. You won’t regret the decision.
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