The Folder Named Durga Puja 2015.

Shubho Bijoya!!
This is that time of the year when every Bengali around the globe is probably feeling ten folds more of a Bong! No matter how much non-Bong I feel, even I feel a li’l sense of belonging during the Durga Pujo.
Every year, the ritual is the same for me. Go to the puja pandal, offer your prayers, have some bhog and come back home. In the evening, probably go out to some of the best-decorated pujo badi. And yes, click some pictures and save them in the folders named Pujo 2013 and so on. I have not been really fond of the Durga Puja because I never enjoyed anything about them.
But this year, it was just one different feeling. Firstly, I realized that my family is not together in the same city as always. Then, yes I was finally independent, single and independently single. My dad was clearly upset about the fact that we are all not together. I also saw that what price one has to pay for growing up. Out of the three days, I could only be home for just a day.
However, I decided that I should make the best out of this one day.
To many of us, Pujo is all about friends, adda, food, pandal-hopping and get-togethers. But let me tell you one shocking truth – it is actually about the Pujo. Idol worshipping if you may please to call it, but that is the real essence of this whole festival.
It is about happiness that everyone shares about the descent of the Goddess Durga on the land of humans. It is about the devotion with which we offer our prayers and carry out each and every ritual. The colourful morning puja or the musical evening aarti, everything about this occasion is just too vibrant and pleasing.
The Aarti. 
The worshipping of Young girls. Because yes, every girl is divine power incarnated. I have not witnessed any such puja before.
Some idols are indeed artistic excellence at its best.
This Durga Puja happened to be one of the best in my 24 years of life together. Quiet time with my parents, without the road traffic, and witnessing one of the best rituals ever witnessed by the human eyes. And of course, followed by a good family dinner at the parent’s favourite place.
And yes, the first yet customary selfie with parents. My parents find the concept of selfie very fascinating. And they love it, even more, when I send them to my sister!
Yes, the best thing about my native place, where I have not been even once, is the spirit of celebrating this massive festival. I am in love with the enthusiasm somehow.
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