The Beauty of Togetherness!

I am a YouTuber. I don’t know if that means anything. I am lazy so I  don’t make YouTube videos, but I am always watching something or the other on it. And I came across this ad. This is one of those ads which you don’t skip because you are just too curious that where it leads.Old people and kids – these are the two elements to which the Indian audience will relate to immediately. And the underlying message has been portrayed pretty clearly!

Yesterday, I was sitting at the beauty parlour, flipping through the magazine pages. I was accompanying my sister. There was a 3 years old boy too who was accompanying his mother. That kid was playing some games on his mother’s phone. And his mother was proudly saying, ” My kid is so smart that he learnt using my smartphone when he was hardly 2. He spends the whole day playing games on this phone. He even uses my husbands i-pad. ”

This is a story of every li’l kid nowadays. This makes me wonder and feel proud of the way I have grown up. Playing with friends in the ground, having the friends who shared your everything, spending that to-me moment sitting outside under a tree…DAMN! I so miss that.

Today, neither I have time to spend that moment with myself or have friends to enjoy the fresh air in some nearby park.  Thinking about the same, I took a notepad lying beside me and started drawing some drawings that I have lived and that made feel close to nature. The lady at the reception told me to take the notepad home and come back with some more drawings. I am pathetic at drawing human faces and almost everything else. I am still sharing them. They are better than a dead blog any day.
Childhood is enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature, happily, chuckling and playing. Those were the most beautiful days, without any worries or sadness.
Mother Nature has always been the only resort to entertain all our friends – real or imaginary.
Childhood was the happiest when every story started and ended with a happy and united jungle family. It made us feel closer to the environment which is real.
Looking at the clear white sky used to give the hope for everything happening for the best.
It has always been a beautiful experience to enjoy the solitude with mother nature – in happiness or sadness. She is the true friend to share all.
The first raindrop of the season- a perfect gift by nature to us.

This is how we have grown up – embracing and enduring nature. For my kids, I want the same childhood. I don’t want them fighting over some silly little screen. I would rather want them to run around in parks, with their friends. Not just as a kid I enjoyed nature, even today I want my special moments with special people to be spent in the most natural and peaceful way.

Stargazing with your significant other makes you enjoy every beauty of life even more.
The only message that I want to deliver to everyone reading this today is that please appreciate the beauty with which we are surrounded with. Connect to it. Trust me, it is salvation in true sense.

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