#SoftestForBabySkin – Pampers. Part 2.

A Pampers product review is such a surprising thing for me to do. But then, a baby can anyway not write a review!

All right, so I wrote about the preview of this product.  The motherly instinct in every lady might have surfaced after this very emotionally connecting launch but when you have to practically look after a baby, you realize how difficult the task is.

Babies can not talk. They can not express their emotions, discomforts and pain. All they can do is just cry. They will stay irritated and cry till we all play the Sherlock and conclude what exactly is causing them to cry. Sometimes, it is just the outside temperature, sometimes the clothes or simply just the human touch.

The sudden inflow of so many kids in the family and surrounding has somewhere brought me close to the babies and their psychology. I love babies to a certain age and extent. I love to see them sleep and make faces. I love to see them make the most heavenly expressions in their sleep.  For that a sound sleep is necessary.

You can not keep a newborn, a 15 days old, in a diaper. That is a common perception. Of course, the diapers are tight and restrict their movements. Also, the elastic at the waist might be uncomfortable. I am just assuming that. This comes from the fact that this baby who is just the dearest baby for me stops crying when we remove the diaper. So, it can be either of the wetness or the elastic. So, we put the diaper on him on the 10th day, removed it because he cried and then came back to the regular cloth. 

I feel so weird writing about the diapers.

Anyhow, when I say diaper, I mean Pampers only. We were using Pampers regular pants until the Pampers Premium Range Pants came into the picture. Baby, I am sorry for making you the guinea pig but you are going to thank me later. Or at least your mom will, for that sound sleep that she gets now!

To our surprise, he ceased to react to the fact that he has been put in a diaper. I am not sure if he loved it but he definitely did not hate them.

So what makes the Premium Pants different from the regular ones? 

I talked about the Magic Gel formula which gives these pants amazing driving capabilities. That is there in the regular pants too. The baby lotion that is used to prevent dryness is also present in both the ranges.

Premium range is different when it comes to the softness quotient. The waistband is the softest thing that has been touched by me ever(apart from a baby’s skin!). Not just that, the same softness is maintained all around the pants. So yes, the fit is just perfect giving the freedom of movement and the softness must be making the baby feel nothing.

The dryness quotient is better. The regular pants absorb up to 6 wetting but the new range can be worn for 12 hours. The capacity is more than that but it is of course not advised to wear a diaper the same for so long. The new wetness indicator which changes from blue to yellow assists you well when it comes to knowing the best time to change the diaper.

Disposing of a diaper was never easier. These pants come with the disposal tape which helps you to remove and clean without getting messy.

Pampers is probably the only brand which is used by almost every household. It is because of the simple reason – the comfort that is provided. A new invention with certain value addition is pretty overwhelming and gives happy babies and thus happy customers! 

You can buy the product here.

This blogpost is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda

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