Month: October 2015

Tinkle, Tinkle! My Favourite Stars!

Today is the 300th day of the year. Yes, 2015 is nearing its end already. And no, it has not much relevance to the topic. Today being the 300th day, and the…

Spreading Smiles!

(This is a Runner-up entry for McCain Let’s Put a Smile on That Face Contest hosted by IndiBlogger) I might have talked a lot about my sudden inclination towards a healthier lifestyle.…

The Folder Named Durga Puja 2015.

Shubho Bijoya!! This is that time of the year when every Bengoli around the globe is probably feeling ten folds more of a Bong! No matter how much non-Bong I feel, even…

100 Happy Days. Season 2 Episode 5.

Well, this one comes late not because I decided to give up but because I was pretty busy. Believe me, my pictures of these 10 days were ready even before 20th October…

The Beauty of Togetherness!

I am an YouTuber. I don’t know if that means anything. I am lazy so I  don’t make YouTube videos, but I am always watching something or the other on it. And…


I close my eyes- I sit and wonder about the could – have-beens Thinking of what I could feel, Of what I could see, Of what I could be. I open my…

100 Happy Days. Season 2 Episode 4.

If you thought that I have given up this challenge yet again, I won’t say that you are wrong. I decided to leave this challenge unfinished because I was finding it pretty…

It’s all in the Head.

I have been meaning to write about this for a long time. But no day is better than the World Mental Health Day. You might want to believe that you are healthy…

The House This! Way | Bedding

I love this time of the year. You can actually feel Durga Pujo in the air. In fact, you can feel it just everywhere. Initially, Pujo was all about buying new clothes for…

The Magic of “Appreciation”.

(This post has been picked up as a Spicy Saturday Pick by BlogAdda)I am no relationship expert. Period. I have never really written much about relationships in my past. But then, what…

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