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For some years now, I can happily say that I am not going to study. After completing 20 years of education, I am still clueless when it comes to advising people about the best colleges or comparing colleges.I come from an era when self-research was not that prevalent. The colleges suggested by our teachers and our parents were supposedly the best. Basically, the research part was not done by us. However, things have certainly changed today.

For me, I started with my must-do research when I decided not to be a doctor and be an engineer instead. That was something really new for my family and teachers. So I decided to solve this quest on my own. Sadly, websites like collegedunia did not exist at that time. All the information that I could collect was about the ranking available at the leading magazines’ websites. As if I already did not know that IIT Kanpur and IIT Madras top the list anyway.

However, apart from the ranking, there are major things which affect the decisions of a student. The fees, the courses, the placements for a particular course(like placements in IIT Madras), the faculty and various other things – they all matter in an order of priority which is subjective.

This website is an extensive listing portal which talks about everything right from the entrance exams to colleges to various college events. There is a listing of more than 10,000 colleges. So if you are an average student like me, it is highly probable that you will find the college with all the information that you need.

Not just colleges, entrances exams like JEE and postgraduate entrances like the CAT and GATE are well covered by collegedunia.

And once you are done with your research and studies, you can actually return back the favour to the community by writing reviews about the courses, colleges and universities. The website is simple and easy to navigate through. And yes, these people are certainly doing a great thing by helping students to choose the right career without misleading them.


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